Wednesday, 14 February 2018

324 Points Profit Trade on DAX30

Dax Moved Up Today but soon dropped again

Then it formed what Dr. Williams calls "The Saddle Point".

I was short from a box break. Went to play some games with my nephew and then after getting hungry as hell, made a  wicked omelette with three eggs, some herbs and threw in some mozzarella and cheddar mixed cheese. o.m.g. the taste was almost as good as the trade that follows. 


We thought there was a possibility of a drop but we cannot be sure, well, not 100% never ever

A few games , a coffee, a cup of tea and a wicked omellete later this happend at US News that arrived at 9.30am NY time. 

Dropped like a ton of feather. 

Time to bank  some profits. So closed the add on position. 

324 Points Profit

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