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The Fruit Method is Powerful | Slack Replaces Skype

News: We have converted from Skype Group to a much better platform called Slack. Everyone loves It.

Lets have a look at some trades and how we share ideas and thoughts, (A Teaching Session) inside our Skype Live Trading Room.

So, several people come up with thoughts and ideas based on the system. They share there trades using screenshots etc. Beginners usually want to make sure they are seeing what they are supposed to be seeing. They ask questions that confirms what they think it is, actually is. 

The M5 Catches most of the days Action

Is this is a Setup? 

That is the question you want to ask as a beginner or advanced levels. 

Let's go through last 2 days of trading and some screenshots. I won't comment as much from here an as the charts are annotated. 

The first shot is an m1 sell trade. We share the trade instantly if possible. Easier on m5 a bit hard to do on m1. H1 no issues at all. 

Let's have a look at the picture book

A screenshot of a trade taken on m1. With comments on Skype
 That did not go anywhere. closed shortly after with a small loss. Not even a loss in the grand scheme of things.
A quick exit since the market did not correspond. 

Soon after another opportunity was presented. I had put a pending order below the box. 

You can read the skype comments instead of these captions from this point onwards

The shorts did not go anywhere but there was an option to go long so we did. 

Now we were presented by an add on signal by the good market

USDCAD H1 long order kicked in. I posted that it was MUST to take this long. I felt really strong about this setup as it was looking all good based on all the rules. 

Checked on the DAX m5 long trades plus add ons. It was looking great. Letting ATM manage the trade on auto while I do my other "life" stuff. 

The Exit turned out to be the exact peak of that wave up. 

USDCAD long trade went well. Decided to trail candles to lock profits towards the end of the day.

Later I decided to trail the box instead and then exit when I decided to end trading for the week. 

Fruit Can Give Perfect Exit Signals Too

That was some good trading for the 15th of March. Now lets see some trades from this morning on the 16th of March. 

Today only one good signal that arrived during the morning session. We took it. 
 EUR/USD H1 Long and Short 

AO Add on and Box Add on Pending Orders 

Both Add on entries are now in. A term called "fully loaded" applies now. Its stage 3 let it run by trailing boxes. Simple 

You can see that "trading wise" we had a good week. Hope you had a good one too. Meanwhile, have a great weekend and do something new and exciting. Get out of the rut, get out of routine and have a blast... 

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