Friday, 18 May 2018

The Fractal Geometry of AIMS Fruit Method - 70 Points Profits

The market was not as volatile as we like but looking at the hourly time frame we saw that the wave might want to pull back a big. ABC was visible with a possibility of C down turning into a possible nice 1-5 wave formation on the m5 chart.
So we caught the possible 3 down within the possible C down.

I shared this analysis in the #AIMS Live Trading Room

There was an apple signal at the peak of Wave 2 but it was not clear to me. So I waited for box breakout.

AIMS The Fruit method Box Breakout entry plus Add on positions to load it up and increase profitability 
I saw it break below the lows and since i was loaded up I decided to trail the bars using #SnormsATM

As shown in the picture when you click on the t-candle button ATM automatically trails the last candle high/low.

I saw that it broke the lows and it was giving me good profits. I noticed that it might be time for it to pull back a bit. Since positions were fully loaded it was good time to bank some profits. Closed two positions and let the initial running.

Always a great idea to bank some profits methodically 

Soon the trail bar was hit and I decided to exit all positions. I had been waiting for this to play out all morning so I was a bit tired. Turns out it was a good decision anyway.

It was a good trade. The following image shows that our exit was spot on and later it provided another opportunity to catch the 5 down of the C down.

Good 2nd Attempt for W5 Hits TZ1. Next if you were keen on this, and looked at m1, you'd have caught the peak of abc that is W4 up.

Finally a little tip for how AIMS The Purple Line could help with Fractal Geometric Trading Opportunities.

How to Spot Apple of M1 using Purple on M5. 

More details are available in the forum and AIMS Live Trading Room

Wishing you all a happy weekend - Do something New This Weekend.. Something you've always wanted to do.... 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

400 Percent Profit Strategy

AIMS Trade The News Strategy is one to adopt. Most recently we have hit a new landmark. Though I was not paying attention I suddenly noticed the most recent news trades managed to set a new level .We hit 400% profit since we started this method in Oct 2015.  

You can trade it too. Its very simple and straight forward. It only trades 2-3 times a month and the times of trades are announced weeks in advance. 

409% Growth on the News Strategy 

Another important aspect of this method is that with the help of Steve's News Trading EA you can do it without any human intervention during the trades. For further details about this EA vist by Steve Norman. 

AIMS The Fruit method is our main trading strategy. However if you are new to trading we have a set 3 stage training programme that you can utilise to get to the level of trading skills that would permanently keep you successful and consistently profitable.

How to JOIN

As any other skill trading is also a skill and it requires training. We have found the perfect format taht works for most people. Give it a try. 

50% Discount Coupon

 to Get 50% the Initial $99> pay only $49.99 to join. (recurring subscription after that. Cancel anytime) 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Fruit Method is Powerful | Slack Replaces Skype

News: We have converted from Skype Group to a much better platform called Slack. Everyone loves It.

Lets have a look at some trades and how we share ideas and thoughts, (A Teaching Session) inside our Skype Live Trading Room.

So, several people come up with thoughts and ideas based on the system. They share there trades using screenshots etc. Beginners usually want to make sure they are seeing what they are supposed to be seeing. They ask questions that confirms what they think it is, actually is. 

The M5 Catches most of the days Action

Is this is a Setup? 

That is the question you want to ask as a beginner or advanced levels. 

Let's go through last 2 days of trading and some screenshots. I won't comment as much from here an as the charts are annotated. 

The first shot is an m1 sell trade. We share the trade instantly if possible. Easier on m5 a bit hard to do on m1. H1 no issues at all. 

Let's have a look at the picture book

A screenshot of a trade taken on m1. With comments on Skype
 That did not go anywhere. closed shortly after with a small loss. Not even a loss in the grand scheme of things.
A quick exit since the market did not correspond. 

Soon after another opportunity was presented. I had put a pending order below the box. 

You can read the skype comments instead of these captions from this point onwards

The shorts did not go anywhere but there was an option to go long so we did. 

Now we were presented by an add on signal by the good market

USDCAD H1 long order kicked in. I posted that it was MUST to take this long. I felt really strong about this setup as it was looking all good based on all the rules. 

Checked on the DAX m5 long trades plus add ons. It was looking great. Letting ATM manage the trade on auto while I do my other "life" stuff. 

The Exit turned out to be the exact peak of that wave up. 

USDCAD long trade went well. Decided to trail candles to lock profits towards the end of the day.

Later I decided to trail the box instead and then exit when I decided to end trading for the week. 

Fruit Can Give Perfect Exit Signals Too

That was some good trading for the 15th of March. Now lets see some trades from this morning on the 16th of March. 

Today only one good signal that arrived during the morning session. We took it. 
 EUR/USD H1 Long and Short 

AO Add on and Box Add on Pending Orders 

Both Add on entries are now in. A term called "fully loaded" applies now. Its stage 3 let it run by trailing boxes. Simple 

You can see that "trading wise" we had a good week. Hope you had a good one too. Meanwhile, have a great weekend and do something new and exciting. Get out of the rut, get out of routine and have a blast... 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Insights into Markets, Trading Systems and Profits

Something from AIMS Live Trading Room Today: 

What is the Market? 

The market is simple. Its represented as a number at a given time in space. Our brokers get these quotes from the market makers / banks etc. The brokers backend feed delivers data, sent at random intervals, our platforms , in the form of ticks. A tick is the smallest unit of change. It can happen a few times per second or can remain silent for a few seconds, if there is no change.  There can be  as little as no ticks or as many as 500 ticks per minute at times. But averages for each market remain different for different times of day depending on how close we are to open, news times and what we call the dead periods (when humans take a break or sleep  etc) Each tick is information about CHANGE and what is the quote at that instance.

What are Graphs/Charts and What are Patterns?

We then record it using time dimension. Our platform, for us i.e Metatrader, plots this data in a form of a graph , a chart. A chart has y axis and x axis. WE plot the chart on y axis, vertical measure and compare it with x axis, horizontal measure which is time based. Charts constantly roll to the left because TIME does not STOP. because the data on x axis , that is time, is continuous but not variable this bit is a constant. But the figures on y axis, are variable.

In short, its the story of, what was the price at what time. that's all. The platform then binds the data into open high low and close points. Becasue its a time period,  there is also an open, a close a high and low. But where would this be on the y axis keeps changing. that is what creates the interesting patterns.

Then we start taking averages and averages of averages, and start analysing momentum of averages, and acceleration of averages, divergences and what not etc etc.

Often, by the time we are done doing all this, the picture is distorted from a simple 1 point data to numerous forms. The purpose at times is defeated.

The question arises, Why do we do all this to the simpler for of data?

Because of one thing. We want to see patterns within Randomness. Market changes its quotes constantly and randomly. Its Chaos. It is mostly random.

Basically, the market is a natural phenomenon. It stays in the form of random noise almost 70-80% of the "the time".

Noise, or randomness is hard if not impossible to predict. The only way you can find an edge in the market is if there is order.

The Good News is that it does find Order from time to time. And it must do that because that is the structure of the universe. No form of energy remains completely out of order for a prolonged period of time. There is randomness but there is order within it.

Chaos is the name of Order within Randomness.

In the universe, if there was no order, there would be no mathematics.

Maths does not measure randomness effectively, at least not with Euclidean geometry, not with linear mathematics.
When you take averages, you take averages of Randomness to Create ORDER.

You do that to create patterns. Since our trading is mostly visual, we like to see patterns that are "visible to the human eye".

in doing so, you start to see patterns, (order) that repeats itself over multiple time frames. Because markets are chaotic in nature and have fractal geometry, it must be that any pattern that you see on one time frame, it must repeat itself on multiple time frames. If that is not the case, this pattern may not be reliable.

As soon as you've found one type of pattern that you can see in multiple charts over multiple time frames, you have confirmed some sort of statistical edge. There are several different types of patterns and edges in the market.

What is The Wave
But the one that is universal and shows itself on almost any chart you can find, is what is popular under the Nickname of Elliott Wave.  Now, the Elliotticians would tell you that it is 100% accurate. But we all know it only shows a probability of one thing happening over the other. thats all.

So, having created your charts and  patterns, now you can manipulate risk strategies using simple mathematical models. This would allow you to extract profit from the market by risking less and gaining more over the period of a batch of trades.

Profit can be extracted by trading a repeating pattern, even with as low as 15% win rate. However, 
The Setup1, gives us, (including BE trades) an overall 60% Plus Win rate. that is PHENOMENAL.

The win rate of Fruit method is low. But it does not matter. Why? Because we have learned to use a specially designed Risk Management that converts this pattern into a highly profitable strategy. By applying a specific risk method and position sizing technique the sum total of losses is way smaller compared to the sum total of winners. That is the name of the game.

The fruit method is pure Chaos Trading.

People often ignore the fact that Setup1, (1RSL move to BE at plus 1R exit at 2R TP) is designed ONLy for discipline training.

Its so designed so that you have a very objective method while you still learn about the market and may even make sprofit. keeping in view that profit is not the objective of the T20 Discipline Training. [b]Discipline is The Objective[/b]

Profit is a byproduct of Trading Correctly

I must add here, one thing is missing. If you'd like to increase profitability of your methods, first ensure 100% DS. once that is under your belt, there are Risk Managment methods that you can utilise to increase your profits. e.g. the second step of Setup 1 trading is to learn to let your trades run. and so when you start doing that you won't be using the 1RSL2RTP1RBE Trade management method.

Instead  you will apply a different method. e.g. you'll start tailing the box, or the green line, or you'll exit at TZ1. to let it run you have to be ready for some pullbacks too. so you won't move SL to BE at 1R. instead you can sell half at 1R and leave SL at original position and simply trail box.

once that is done, you'll now learn to add on to your trades one time, you can do that by using the next available boxes, s2 boxes.
so on and so forth. But the first question is DO I KNOW HOW TO TRADE CORRECTLY WITH 100% DISCIPLINE? 

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...