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The Fractal Geometry of AIMS Fruit Method - 70 Points Profits

The market was not as volatile as we like but looking at the hourly time frame we saw that the wave might want to pull back a big. ABC was visible with a possibility of C down turning into a possible nice 1-5 wave formation on the m5 chart.
So we caught the possible 3 down within the possible C down.

There was an apple signal at the peak of Wave 2 but it was not clear to me. So I waited for box breakout.

I saw it break below the lows and since i was loaded up I decided to trail the bars using #SnormsATM

I saw that it broke the lows and it was giving me good profits. I noticed that it might be time for it to pull back a bit. Since positions were fully loaded it was good time to bank some profits. Closed two positions and let the initial running.

Soon the trail bar was hit and I decided to exit all positions. I had been waiting for this to play out all morning so I was a bit tired. Turns out it was a good decision anyway.

It was a good trade. The following image shows that our exit was…

400 Percent Profit Strategy

AIMS Trade The News Strategy is one to adopt. Most recently we have hit a new landmark. Though I was not paying attention I suddenly noticed the most recent news trades managed to set a new level .We hit 400% profit since we started this method in Oct 2015.  
You can trade it too. Its very simple and straight forward. It only trades 2-3 times a month and the times of trades are announced weeks in advance. 

Another important aspect of this method is that with the help of Steve's News Trading EA you can do it without any human intervention during the trades. For further details about this EA vist by Steve Norman. 

AIMS The Fruit method is our main trading strategy. However if you are new to trading we have a set 3 stage training programme that you can utilise to get to the level of trading skills that would permanently keep you successful and consistently profitable.

How to JOIN As any other skill trading is also a skill and it requires training. We have found the …

The Fruit Method is Powerful | Slack Replaces Skype

News: We have converted from Skype Group to a much better platform called Slack. Everyone loves It.

Lets have a look at some trades and how we share ideas and thoughts, (A Teaching Session) inside our Skype Live Trading Room.

So, several people come up with thoughts and ideas based on the system. They share there trades using screenshots etc. Beginners usually want to make sure they are seeing what they are supposed to be seeing. They ask questions that confirms what they think it is, actually is. 
The M5 Catches most of the days Action

Is this is a Setup?  That is the question you want to ask as a beginner or advanced levels. 
Let's go through last 2 days of trading and some screenshots. I won't comment as much from here an as the charts are annotated. 
The first shot is an m1 sell trade. We share the trade instantly if possible. Easier on m5 a bit hard to do on m1. H1 no issues at all. 
Let's have a look at the picture book  That did not go anywhere. closed shortly after wi…

75% Discount On Premium Membership


Something special is about to happen in 2 days from now.

Hint: Mars

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Insights into Markets, Trading Systems and Profits

Something from AIMS Live Trading Room Today: 

What is the Market?  The market is simple. Its represented as a number at a given time in space. Our brokers get these quotes from the market makers / banks etc. The brokers backend feed delivers data, sent at random intervals, our platforms , in the form of ticks. A tick is the smallest unit of change. It can happen a few times per second or can remain silent for a few seconds, if there is no change.  There can be  as little as no ticks or as many as 500 ticks per minute at times. But averages for each market remain different for different times of day depending on how close we are to open, news times and what we call the dead periods (when humans take a break or sleep  etc) Each tick is information about CHANGE and what is the quote at that instance.

What are Graphs/Charts and What are Patterns? We then record it using time dimension. Our platform, for us i.e Metatrader, plots this data in a form of a graph , a chart. A chart has y axis …