Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Hunt Method - DAX M1 or M5

Attention All New and Experienced Traders 

We have started trading the Hunt Method on Most Time Frames and Markets 

If you have only 2 Hrs a day, Trade The DAX M1 using The Hunt Method with us Every Morning Monday to Friday

If you can give your charts 1 min 8 times a day Trade the Forex, Gold and Oil with us.

Below We traded Today The Hunt Method on DAX M5/M1. The start of the day was a bit slow but later it picked up. I will show you how we traded it in pictures. Become a member to learn how to trade AIMS The HUNT method.

A setup 1 on M1 which was a great Fractal Geometric Hunt Setup on the M5 Time Frame. 

Snorm's ATM moved SL to Fresh Box High 

Exited the three Sell Positions with profit and set another Sell PO (Pending Order) Its a Beautiful Example of HUNT Fractal Geometry. M5 Chart has Seed Formation that turns into a Setup 1 Formation on M1

DAX M5 Chart Setup 1 Short 

DAX M5 Chart of the same trade. AIMS The HUNT SEED Signal 

I was playing #RocketLeague with my dear Nephew #Azlan so did not add on

I thought this market was about to turn around so used the Fruit Reversal Candle to Time this Exit. Next picture shows it was great timing. 

If I may say so myself, this was epic timing. However I wish I had not stopped trading as the system produced at least another 10R profit next 1-2Hrs. NEXT 

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