Thursday, 1 November 2018

Really and Honestly Trade The Setup 1

This setup is much more powerful than even I thought myself.

It just never seizes to amaze me. The Setup is a perfectly testable idea. Anyone can look at the rules, test it on past data and do a forward test. To date, Nobody has ever been  able to come to me and say, "this did not work". Why? Because "IT WORKS". How do you know that it works?

To Find Out, People join our forum, they go through the course material, start trading the simple method, they complete a batch of T20 (The T20 Principle has been our greatest achievement thanks to Mr. Douglas) testing the Setup 1 idea and nearly all of them get the following result.

33% winners 33% Break Even Trades and 33% losing ones.Winners are Twice as big as the losers. 

You will get 5% on average per T20 (risking only 1% per trade).

The Setup shows you where to put Stop Loss, Where to Take Profit and Where and When to move Stop Loss to Breakeven.

Plus Snorms Fantastic ATM Expert Advisor can automate the trade management bit for you. So you won't have to try to "be disciplined" because the BOT will do it for you. #Snorm 

Slap me on my face if you did not get it. Tell me if this did not happen for you. It WORKS

And Hey I've even shared all the pics of the Setup with you already. What we then offer inside the AIMS Forum and Chatroom is help you get disciplined and actually be able to DO IT!!!

All the money paid for discipline? oh yes... Discipline is the most expensive and hardest to find commodity when it comes to "BEING SUCCESSFUL". 

Below is screenshot of trades we took using our Favourite Setup 1 trading the #DAX30 this morning.

Followed by a Trade Setup on #EUR/USD that we were able to identify on H1 chart.

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