Sunday, 11 November 2018

The Mindset of a Professional Trader

There are two types of mindsets. One that is the opposite of the mindset required for consistently successful trading while the other the mindset of professional consistently successful traders.

The Non Professional Trading Mindset:

When a novice, non professional trader sees a setup, (A Trading Signal)  many doubts hits the trader. Instead of looking objectively at the rules of their trading plan (assuming they have one since most don't even bother with this fundamentally important aspect of trading) they look for all the things that have nothing to do with their plan.

As a novice struggling trader you start looking for reasons that has nothing to do with your trade plan. In other words the trader loses objectivity. Though confusingly though, for most people, when its a wrong setup, or no setup, trader somehow, finds it very easy to take those trades. There is no hesitation and they jump in without thinking. That is one type of mindset.

This mindset is a disaster. The trader may have in their hands, a very good trading methodology but they don't yet possess the mindset that is essential for peak performance. They have not trained for it because they don't yet know it is a "thing".

The Correct Trading Mindset:

Professional traders know exactly when to enter the market, where to set their stop loss and take profit levels. They understand risk management but more importantly they are disciplined. Highly disciplined. And the reason they are highly disciplined is because they have acquired the mindset called "Probabilistic Mindset". They know  that a single trade can become a winner or loser at any time. They know they cannot dictate the outcome of this one trade. But they also know that their method gives them an edge. So they keep taking signals objectively.

You have to do everything in your power to switch to that mindset.

There will be a day when you experience the switch.  You'll move from  finding it easy to take just any trade to finding it hard to take any trades that don't fit your rules, you find it hard unless its your setup, following the rules of your trading plan.  that day you will have become a trader with a professional mindset. A trader who's path of least energy has shifted.

AIMS Stress Free Trading - The T20 Principle is a training methodology. The FUTURE YOU that you want to be can be achieved at the end of the T20 training course. It is the mindset that you want to switch to. You don't need to change strategy, you need to switch mindset. 

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