Wednesday, 20 March 2019

THE DAX Report - 20 March 2019

The morning started with no real momentum.

There was no breakout, not that I'm a big fan of LO breakouts , not anymore. I wait for it to breakout. then I see if its time to trade

While chatting and making fun of @Tomi and @sam market finally started to move. I was aware of it, so was tomi right at the first 1 minute candle. that happened .. rest of the story on the chart below.

The Afternoon Session (NEO)

There was a lovely lovely Hunt Signal followed by a Setup 1 just before NEO

Below step by step picture sof Setup 1 Start to completion #LiveTrade

The arrow without a caption points to AIMS The HUNT Seed Sell Signal. So powerful 

DAX Setup 1 short SL moved to #BE and Trailing AIMS Boxes

DAX was not showing momentum. I was watching DOW and it was dropping but DAX was not. Meaning there was less interest. Exit after the bounce off the levels to the left. Turns out it was a good decision. 

THE DAX m5/M1 charts side by side. This is the AIMS method 

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