Monday, 18 March 2019


The Forex Market is definitely going through some low volume/volatility period.

What we see on the Daily charts, or the hourly chart these days is not what is normal. 

The markets used to trend like this EUR/USD Chart below 

And the answer is, we don't know. 

Meanwhile what should we be doing? 

The simple answer is , to trade cautiously and trade the same setups over and over but taking profits at levels to the left at 1R or so. 

When the markets change, and they start to trend. we will then let some trades run. 

More focus will be given to Daily Charts overall in my trading. And I will discuss it here more and more. But still I'll continue to look for possible setups on the H1 time frame for major pairs. 


ps: meanwhile the indices still offer plenty of movement, as well as OIL and Gold. 

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  1. And now the Question is ... What to do with High Volatility... I find the LATER far easier to tackle lol In fact I've been waiting the whole year...


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