Friday, 7 June 2019

2019 New Rule for Setup 1 [ Higher Win Rate ]

When you do something for years and years, you're bound to find ways to get better at it. And We have been trading and sharing this setup we call AIMS THE Setup for 8 Years now.

There are two dimension of a  chart. The Y axis and the X axis. We can use rules for both the dimensions on this 2 dimensional space to qualify our trades.

How to Use the X Axis to Pick Trades that have a Higher Chance of Winning. 

In other words, how to pick Higher Probability Setup 1's within the Existing Setup 1 Rules.

As usual, I'll use Charts to Explain this Rule.*

Rule for Choosing the Best Setup 1 Trades *

Another Example  from Today 

Please study these charts, backtest the idea and if you like add it to your Trading rules. for more, in depth information, and AIMS Indicators, Consider Joining Today. Don't forget 50% off coupon is still valid.  

* apologies for bad spelling. Should be X-Axis instead of "axes".  [Brain Freeze]

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