Thursday, 5 December 2019

6 Percent in 6 Minutes - How Trading can be so simple

This really was a beautiful morning. I enjoyed an early morning walk and a beautiful dawn.
The day started with a lovely LOBOT trade, followed by my discretionary pullback trade and then an AWESOME SEED Signal that made 4%.

Then I stepped away only to come back later. Had a quick look and found out that market had completed a 1-5 wave down.

It then created a strong wave 3 up. So I thought, hmmm, could we get a setup 1 here? And we did.

Ganesh was a bit confused about this trade. So he asked, "Immy, I thought we were not supposed to trade when M5 gator was sleeping". This then is the answer to that lovely question. This is how I trade and teach my team mates. :)

In This Video:

1. Live Trade Setup 1 6% in 6 Minutes
2. The Lobot trades
3. Why was this a Higher probability trade?
4. How to be a GREAT Singer.

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