Thursday, 19 December 2019

Discover How The British Pound Produced 65% Profit with Only 5 Losing Trades

Discover How GBP/USD Produced 65% Profit and Only 5 Losing Trades 

The year 2019 is gone. It brought some amazing action in the forex markets. This year was specially good for the pound. 

I have prepared this video which will premium 3PM UK. I have created a Template with all the trades and signals we received using The Setup Strategy. 
You will learn in this video: 
1. How to Back Test 
2. The three types of back testing methods
3. How to look for Setup Signals

Step 1:
I have prepared a Spreadsheet of the trades and signals for the year. Follow this link to have a look at it.
ACCESS The Spreadsheet here

Step 2:
Then download the Template (only available to members) and apply it to your chart. 
Download the Template Here

Step 3:
Go over the chart from Jan to December. Follow the Instructions in the Video: 
Watch Video Here

The above video and the exercise will help you 
a) Learn how to trade the Setup method
b) prepare and improve your plan for the Year 2020. 

That's why I say...

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 Because, I  update my Trade Plan for the Next Year.

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Your Trading Buddy 

Immy Yousafzai 

ps: If you don't hear from me again, I wish you Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 



  1. Hi Immy, what's the main differance between Famous Setup & Setup2

  2. Hi Immy, what's the main differance between Famous Setup & Setup2


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