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Christmas and Holiday Gift | SALE


To celebrate successful trading this year and the holiday period I have a special offer for you. 

As the year comes to end, as usual, we will offer everyone a chance to Join AIMS as Premium Members.

This year the most exciting thing we added to our site is the Discord Server. Not to forget the introduction of a Brand New Strategy and Indicators. The LOBOT strategy and the Hunt 2.0 Indicators. (H20)

I had great time logging into Discord every day during London Session and then Later the New York Open. I enjoy talking to our friends and sharing ideas and analysis. My favourite thing about Discord, which is so awesome is that I can Stream my chart and talk about the charts while I can hear members questions and discussions. 

It's exciting and fun. You must have watched some of the recordings I have posted on youtube. It really accelerates learning when you can discuss the charts with likeminded people. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND joining our Discord Server. 

I'd like to thank all the members of Discord and AIMS Live Trading Room as well as the Members of our Community Forum for making this year such a great success despite the hardships we all faced due to the pandemic. 

This Holiday Period is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to Read the Course Material, AIMS Books, Watch all the Trading Videos, Complete the Trading Courses and Most Importantly, Finish Writing Your Trading Plan for the Year 2021. I have a dedicated section in the members are to Help You Complete Your Trading Plan. This will allow you to get ready for the New Year. 

If you'd like to start the new year armed with powerful trading information and a Winning Trading Strategy then ...

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Immy Aims

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Monday, 14 December 2020


Sunday, 13 December 2020

How to Find Stocks that Go Supernova - The Setup 1 Strategy

Check out this Beautiful Trade Setup on $AP. 

I don't know about this company, what it does or its financials etc. I don't need to know that. All I need to know, first, is IS THERE A SETUP? If yes, then I can go and dig a little deeper, if I wanted to. But I don't need to do that in most cases, because you know why? 

I only select stocks that appear in my SCANNERS. I scan for the stocks that meet my criteria. I have a video on this here. How I Find Stocks That Go Up 100% | My Stocks Watch List on TradingView

This too was a nice, very nice setup $AP
  https://www.tradingview.com/x/54nIbOHb/ [I posted this on my TradingView Channel]

The Setup 1 Works Amazingly Well on Stocks on the days when they go Supernova. The thing is the Market as a whole, almost all charts usually stay within a choppy range because there is little interest from the market participants. There is no CHAOS. In the world of Trading Chaos Chaos means New Incoming Information)

 .... So, the question that comes to mind is WHAT are the times when we should look at a stock and trade it. Which time frames are best and when to use it?

In general, the Daily chart is great for almost all types of charts whether its stocks, commodities, futures markets, forex or crypto.

In order to make money in trading, we need to trade stocks or markets with healthy volatility. Most Stocks or charts don't have enough volatility on normal days. So, What is volatility? 

Volatility is the range of price change a stock or chart experiences over a given period of time

A low volatile stock or a forex pair will have less chance per amount of time. It will receive less number of volume (if stocks) or ticks (if a forex pair on mt4 platform). 

This also means that if you break the Daily candle into smaller pieces i.e. change time frame to hourly or the 5-minute chart,  the chart is fragmented. There isn't much action going on. Which is why you won't see a nice lovely smooth chart.

The Charts Look like this when there is no volatility or volume. 

However, there are times when the volatility increased 2 or 5 folds from its usual. That's when the charts on lower time frames are smooth.

Chart Patterns Require Data per Time Period

You see, the charts are plotted with Price on the Y-axis (the vertical numbers on the right.)

and TIME on the X-axis; the horizontal scale at the bottom of the chart.

The thing is the scale at the bottom never stops, it keeps ticking at a set interval. Its frequency can be altered by switching time frame.

However the data on the y axis, the price plotted on the vertical scale comes from the market. We can't change that bit of the data. Well, if we could then.. whooahaha... that would be awesome, but a whole different game. but let's not get into that.

And if there isn't enough data coming in per minute then the one minute chart will be EMPTY. So when a new 1 minute candle or bar is printed but there was no DATA from the market, it will be either skipped or printed as an empty single data point. Basically it means there was nothing to report during that minute. 

If a chart keeps getting very low tick volume it is going to not create a smooth chart. Where there are less than say 20 ticks of data per minute that chart will look very bad. Like the chart above. 

The above is a chart from the LSE. I just randomly picked it from the London Stock Exchange feed. This was a gapper and mover last Friday. Yet it has nothing. The Market was not excited about this company. Nobody went nuts. 

Compare this to the following chart.

the above chart also had gaps and missing data. It's a one minute chart of a US stock but not much volatility, no volume and not much useful information.

This company has a market capitalization of 157million. Hence not a very small company either.

The volume it had was 108 million stocks.

But then something happened.

In the Science of Trading Chaos Terminologies. CHAOS hit the market. Yes, NEWS came out. There was NEW Incoming Information. 

Something that took the market's attention happened on Thursday.

The NEWS Event: 
vTv Therapeutics (VTVT) was surging Friday, at one point climbing 118% to its highest share price since March 2018 at $4.75, after disclosing in a new regulatory filing late Thursday it exercised its right to have MacAndrews & Forbes Group LLC buy 625,000 of its class A shares at $1.60 each, providing the biopharmaceuticals company with $1 million in new funding.

And that resulted in this action.


That stock, with rubbish, dotty no data chart turned into this BEAUTIFUL Setup 1 pattern.

It was getting volume of around 20K a few days ago ... but when it opened last Thursday the 10 of Dec 2020, its first candle showed 380K volume on the one minute chart. that's a 15 fold rise in volume. So its RELATIVE Volume shot up. Aha, there is a hint. RELATIVE VOLUME

What is Relative Volume?
Relative Volume (often times called RVOL) is an indicator that tells traders how current trading volume is compared to past trading volume over a given period. ... So if it is showing 3.5 relative volume, that means it is trading at 3.5 times its normal volume for that time period.

So I ran a little test.

Did a bit of research.

and voila... it was out there all over the internet

There are 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy. Only a tiny fraction of the 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy. In a galaxy such as ours, the milky way, there are expected to be on the order of one supernova per 100 or 50 years.

But the universe is so large that it probably has more than 2 trillion stars in it. It is likely to observe about a million of Supernova per day. WOW.... 

Which means that if you focus your Telescope on the sky the size of a coin for a few hours you might find one or two Stars go Supernova. It is a RARE event yet the universe is SO Large that it isn't rare. Weird...

The Point I'm trying to make is this. Not every stock goes supernova over its lifetime. But there is a Universe of Stocks out there.  1-2 stocks go supernova nearly every day in the Stock Market Universe. 

To Find a Star that go Supernova Scientists use super-powerful telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope and others. 

What type of TELESCOPE do we need to find those stocks that go Supernova? 
I will share with you one of the Tools I use to find these stocks. Visit TradingView.com here. Follow my profile. When I find a Stock that go SuperNova I will post an idea. You will receive a notification. Check out my TradingView Profile Now >>>> https://uk.tradingview.com/u/iTradeAIMS/

Watch my video on How to Find Stocks that Go Supernova Here 

Friday, 4 December 2020

What is Trend of The Day? | How to Eliminate 50% of Your Day Trading Losers


What is Trend of The Day? | How to Eliminate 50% of Your Day Trading Losers

Hello, this is Immy and today I bring you a special tips and tricks tutorial for you. 

Want to eliminate 50% of your losing trades by simply drawing a line on your chart? 

Yes, this simple trick can help you eliminate 50% of your day trading losing trades.

This is a Premium Video so Watch it Now before it's gone private again. 

You will learn: 
1. What is Trend of The Day?
2. What is Trend and How to Define it in simplest terms?
3. When and How to Draw the Trend of the Day
4. How it will help you increase winning percentage and decrease your losing percentage by 50%?

Kind Regards 


ps: If you like the video do hit the like button and if you have question simply reply to the video I reply to all the comments on my videos. 

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/hxvIFQqUK7Y


Monday, 23 November 2020

Is Exit Close Enough - The 3 Rules Flowchart | Live Day Trading Stream Ep # 34


Today I'm going to share with you a recording of a Live Stream I did with my friends in AIMS Discord Channel. 

Doug had questions about the Flow chart which needed a detailed reply. 

If you're unfamiliar with the 3 Rules Flow Chart then please go to the members area and watch the 3 Rules Flow Chart video Series. 

We use the 3 Rules Flowchart before we can Validate a Setup 1 or Setup 2 entry. 

The Indicators you need are 

AIMS The Box TradingView.com Link: 

(Trading View Link: https://www.tradingview.com/script/lZcuzCL0-AIMS-Box-TV-Trade-in-line-with-the-Structure-of-the-Market/

AIMS The Gator or The Standard Alligator Indicator:

FREE TradingView.com Link: 


AIMS The Wave: 

FREE Tradingview.com Link: 


Download The FlowChart FREE Here 

Watch The Video Now

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Live Day Trading Forex Webinar - London Session - Q&A Discord | Ep # 30


Discord Server | Voice Chat | Webinar

Hello, this is Immy and today I have a webinar recording for you. 

So, we were chatting in our BRAND NEW DISCORD Server and I thought why not turn this into a Live Webinar. 

We had a very good session of question and answers. Alina, Derrick, Mohnish and Doug asked some good questions. 

This is Members Only Video but Sharing with you today. So Watch it Now before it's gone private again. 

You will learn: 
1. What are Levels to the Left?
2. Why are levels to the left important?
3. Why these levels can increase your Win Rate by 70%?
4. What is the Setup 1, What is the Lobot Method, What is the Pullback Method
5. What is the subtle difference between a Pullback Method, Hunt and H2.0 Method. 

If you have any comments and questions may I ask you to PLEASE ask them in the comment section below the video. 

Kind Regards 


ps: if you'd like to Join our DISCORD Server for FREE  Visit this Page HERE   



Saturday, 31 October 2020

Tesla and Apple Short Trades - Day Trading Stocks

Tesla saw its price drop from $460 #Tesla 

Tesla Drop [Click to Enlarge]

But #TESLA can move very fast and it's a very liquid stock.

This is ideal for day trading 

Today during New York Session the DAX 30 and the US30 were not really moving like it did earlier this week. 

I looked at #TESLA and saw the following patterns. 

There were quite alot of setup 1 and the LOBOT method pullback entries available. 

Went short from $388 and exited at 

TESLA Drop from $387 to $382 [ Click to Enlarge]

Day Trading TESLA can be a lot of fun. 

If you're in the UK you can do so with a spread betting account or CFD account. ww.IG.com offers very good service. (no affiliate). 

A bit later The Setup 1 Strategy Gave us a Signal to Sell #TESLA at $387 and Exit Level @ $382 a full $5 Profit. 

TESLA Drop from $387 to $382 [Click to Enlarge]

Want to Try iTradeAIMS Indicators 

If you'd like to try out my Indicators you can request a one month trial by visiting my TradingView profile here

Meanwhile #AAPL Apple stock also fell quite a lot. Here is a trade that we took 

The green line shows the two short positions we took using AIMS The Setup 1 and LOBOT Strategy

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Friday, 30 October 2020

Trick or Treat - 60% Discount

Hi 👻

Social distancing has probably ruined this Halloween for kids. Best keep a distance...

But... we cannot stay away  from these super "SPOOKY MARKETS" ... 🎃 

The markets are busy. Spooky or Edgy because of what's happening plus "THE ELECTION".

When traders are scared they get busy. When they get busy the market begins to move.
But the market is dropping ... Lucky for us we can trade both ways. 

The market dropped nearly 2000 points last 10 days. How any of those pips did you catch? 

The LOBOT Strategy Gave Us TREATS all this month... 🎁🎊🎉

Grabbed a GOOD CHUNK of the hundreds of pips daily moves..

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I sent you this previously but did not hear from YOU!  So I ask you again.

Can You Trade at London Open 8 am? If yes, then this strategy is for you. 

The DAX30 often breaks out at the London Open for 50-100 sometimes even 200 points without looking back. 

The LOBOT Strategy is designed just for that.
Back in the days, I would let the market march past in front of me waiting for a perfect setup. 
I always wondered if there was a way to catch those fast-moving markets with Higher Win Rate. 

We found the solution. The answer was right in front of us. 

THE LOBOT Strategy is Very Simple but Extremely Powerful. 

NO Delays
Quick 10-15 points Profits within "seconds" ... yes, not minutes ... "seconds". 

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Immy Aims

Monday, 19 October 2020

43% Profit within One Hour - Lobot Strategy [43% DISCOUNT]

Today I'd like to celebrate a Success with you.

The LOBOT Strategy was launched to the public last month. The strategy has been a huge success.

I caught 43% Profit within the first 2 hours of London Session using The LOBOT Method On the 15th of October. 

The market dropped a ton. Luckily The LOBOT Method CATCHES FAST MOVES like this. 

To celebrate this success I'm giving away 43% Discount. JOIN US TODAY. 

CLAIM Your 43% Discount   
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Why The LOBOT Method? 

  • I have spent the last 3 years perfecting this method.

  • It is a fusion of all my trading ideas and experience.

  • It is a combination of AIMS trading methods and strategies. 

Accuracy: 70% or above (based on my trades)

Profit Loss Ratio: 1:2 (PF =2.0) We want to get in and out quickly. 

Average Winners are 3 times Bigger than Average Losers: 

You can maintain an average winner of 17 pips compared to an average loser of just -6 pips. 

These are some of the results we recorded over the last month or so. 

$679.31 Friday 28 August 2020

Do I Get Access to All of the AIMS Site?  
Yes, by joining as Premium, you will get access to Lobot Strategy as well as the following Strategies 
1. AIMS The Setup One Strategy Course and Software
2. AIMS The Fruit Method Course and Software
3. AIMS The Hunt Strategy Course and Software
4. AIMS The Mind Section (Trading Psychology) 
5. AIMS The Forum - Members Only Community Forum 

Here is a Glimpse Inside Members Dashboard

How to Access the Strategy? 

Please login to your membership area (Dashboard) 

Course Table of Content:
Lesson 1: The Strategy (in Text) Includes the rules, conditions etc
Lesson 2: The Chart Layout 
Lesson 3: An Explanation of Seed and Waltz a LIVE CALL with SAM (Webinar) 
Lesson 4: The Pullback Entries on Multiple Time Frames 
Lesson 5: The Trend Candle And Micro Pullback Relationship
Lesson 6: The Premarket Highs and Lows - Important Levels for Lobot Method
Lesson 7: What is the Difference between a Pullback and Pause
Lesson 8: The Connection between a Seed and a Setup 1 
Lesson 9: Recap Videos and Live Trades with Commentary and Explanation
Lesson 10: The New Pullback Method: In-depth Tutorial 
Lesson 11: Difference between Setup 1 and New Hunt Method [LIVE TRADES]
Lesson 12: Would I Trade this Signal?
Lesson 13: Live Trade Mediation 
Lesson 14: Price vs Indicators (Added 10 Sep 2020)
Lesson 15: Triple Screen Chart Layout (Added 11 Sep 2020) 

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Sunday, 18 October 2020

The Secret of Finding Stocks that Rally Up 100%


The Secret of Finding Stocks that Rally Up 100%

If you're looking for a simple way to find good stocks to trade then this method will help. 

Today I'm going to share with you 3 things. 

1. Which Stocks are on my Watchlist? 

2. The 80% Win Rate Strategy I use to Trade These Stocks? 

3. How I Find the Stocks that are about to go up?

WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/NIlQ1nnbmLc  


Hope you enjoy it. If you do please hit the LIKE and Subscribe... 



Saturday, 17 October 2020

The Real Difference Between Discretionary and Mechanical Trading

The Real Difference Between Discretionary and  Mechanical Trading

Hello! Immy here 

Emma asked a lovely question the other day in her trading journal. 

She took a trade and then wondered if she did the right thing? 

She questioned whether it was right to take a trade even though she was not 100% sure about it. 

This is actually a question of whether to follow your trading rules 100% of the time or whether you should exercise a bit of discretion? 

Find out which course of action is best for Emma. 

Watch this video tutorial to learn about 

1. T20 Challenge - How to become a 100% disciplined trader
2. Whether discretionary trading is better for you or mechanical trading? 
3. What are the differences between Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3? 


Not sure the best way to get started?  Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running.

Lesson #1 - Welcomes You to iTradeAIMS

Lesson #2 - Background Story of iTradeAIMS

Monday, 12 October 2020

Are you tired of Fakeout Trades? Here is a method that can help


Lesson 16.18: What Are Levels to The Left? How to Avoid Fakeouts?

Hello, this is Immy and today I have a special gift for you again.  

I'm going to share with you my Brand New Lesson. For a Limited Time You Get FREE ACCESS. 

So Watch it Now before it's gone private again. 

You will learn: 
1. What are Levels to the Left?
2. Why are levels to the left important?
3. Why these levels can increase your Win Rate by 70%?

Kind Regards 



Not sure the best way to get started?  Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running.

Step #1 - AIMS Stress Free Trading Books:
Step #2 - Get AIMS Trading Software and Strategy:

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Attention STRESS-OUT Day Traders - This Method Can Help


!!! Attention STRESS-OUT Day Traders!!!

Would you like to trade like A Zen Master | Completely Focused and In THE ZONE? 

Hi, This is Immy and today I have a special gift for all of you "Stress-out Day Traders"  
As you probably know here at iTradeAIMS we are big on the  "The Mind - Psychology " side of trading.   

Our Mantra is that "80% of Trading Success in The Mind". 

Ok, So, I have written 3rd Edition of my Book Activating The Zone.  This third version was completed and released earlier this year. 

Today I'd like to GIVE IT TO YOU FREE.  Simply Login to Your Members Dashboard and Click on Lesson 18. 

NOT A Premium Member?

If You're not a Member then Visit  www.ActivateTheZone.com to GET A Copy of the 3rd Edition of Activating The Zone Book. 

Hope you enjoy it and if you do please do send me feedback by replying to this email.


Your Trading Buddy 

Immy Yousafzai 

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JOIN NOW: www.iTradeAIMS.net
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Facebook: iTradeAIMS
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When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...