Thursday, 16 April 2020

10 Reasons why you need to watch my London Report Ep # 9

In today's Video we will talk about

1. Why do we have the M1M5 Split Charts?
2. Easy Trick to Create 1/3 + 2/3 Chart Split ... MT4 Trick
3. Why M5 1/3 and M1 2/3 Display gives you a Powerful Edge
4. Why not trade this way at London Open
5. A Fruit Short Campaign , Why I took it, why you should not until Stage 3
6. How I trade LOBOT using Momentum of the chart only during London Session.
7. What does a Clean Beautiful Setup 1 Looks like?
8. What is a Clean Clear Wave 3?
9. How long does it take to Get Hold of This method? How long it takes to understand this pattern?
10. What is the purpose of the AIMS Live Trading Chatroom and Why people get better so quick?

This is Serious Training Guys.. Pay attention ...

Hope you find value in this


1 comment:

  1. Can come up with more reasons but... 10 will .. what do you think?


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