Friday, 21 August 2020

How to Trade Stocks | Build a Watch list | Trade Setup 1


How to Trade Stocks | Build a Watchlist 

I don't know about you but over here at AIMS, we know how powerful is the Setup 1 Strategy. 

We have used the Setup 1 Strategy for over 10 years now and there is one thing I can say with 100% confidence. 

The Setup 1 method gives you 70% win rate. 

We have had great success with Forex Markets but as we all know, Stock Markets offer HUGE opportunities for investing and trading. 

What if you were able to apply this Strategy to STOCKS? What if you won 70% of your Stock Trades? 

In this first of its kind video, I'm going to share with you ... 

  1. My Stocks Watchlist 
  2. How to Find Stocks 
  3. Which Stocks Qualify and Which Don't
  4. Watchlist Maintenance
  5. A powerful solution for UK Traders
  6. A great opportunity for US Traders
  7. An Amazing new insight for Traders in India and the rest of the east. 


Hope you enjoy it. 

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