Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The Simple but Powerful Trading System - Day Trading German 30 DAX 30


The LOBOT Strategy: The Simple but Powerful Trading System

There is a playlist on the iTradeAIMS Youtube channel called Day Trading the DAX | London Report

This playlist includes videos that explains how to trade the DAX30, the German 30 index at the London Open.

I have recently discovered a NEW way, a brand new way of trading the DAX30. It has produced some fantastic daily results for me. 

I made a series of videos to share this method with AIMS Members.

Would you like to watch today's Recap of the London Session where we applied the LOBOT method? 

WATCH VIDEO: Recap of London Session 19 Aug 2020

This video will go in-depth to explore
1) The 10.19 entry, why did Sam and Doug not take 2R profits?
2) The things you MUST do before the start of the London open.
3) How to trade Micro pullbacks on the 15 Seconds Chart
4) What are the 3-4 candle pullbacks
5) 4 types of entry strategies for this LOBOT method.
6) BAR-BY-BAR Reply of the London Session both on M1 and S15 Charts side-by-side

Hope you enjoy it and find value in it.

If you'd like to learn more in-depth then please consider joining AIMS here. Use EASTER200 Coupon Code to knock $200 off the price. 

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