Saturday, 17 October 2020

The Real Difference Between Discretionary and Mechanical Trading

The Real Difference Between Discretionary and  Mechanical Trading

Hello! Immy here 

Emma asked a lovely question the other day in her trading journal. 

She took a trade and then wondered if she did the right thing? 

She questioned whether it was right to take a trade even though she was not 100% sure about it. 

This is actually a question of whether to follow your trading rules 100% of the time or whether you should exercise a bit of discretion? 

Find out which course of action is best for Emma. 

Watch this video tutorial to learn about 

1. T20 Challenge - How to become a 100% disciplined trader
2. Whether discretionary trading is better for you or mechanical trading? 
3. What are the differences between Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3? 


Not sure the best way to get started?  Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running.

Lesson #1 - Welcomes You to iTradeAIMS

Lesson #2 - Background Story of iTradeAIMS

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