Friday, 30 October 2020

Trick or Treat - 60% Discount

Hi 👻

Social distancing has probably ruined this Halloween for kids. Best keep a distance...

But... we cannot stay away  from these super "SPOOKY MARKETS" ... 🎃 

The markets are busy. Spooky or Edgy because of what's happening plus "THE ELECTION".

When traders are scared they get busy. When they get busy the market begins to move.
But the market is dropping ... Lucky for us we can trade both ways. 

The market dropped nearly 2000 points last 10 days. How any of those pips did you catch? 

The LOBOT Strategy Gave Us TREATS all this month... 🎁🎊🎉

Grabbed a GOOD CHUNK of the hundreds of pips daily moves..

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I sent you this previously but did not hear from YOU!  So I ask you again.

Can You Trade at London Open 8 am? If yes, then this strategy is for you. 

The DAX30 often breaks out at the London Open for 50-100 sometimes even 200 points without looking back. 

The LOBOT Strategy is designed just for that.
Back in the days, I would let the market march past in front of me waiting for a perfect setup. 
I always wondered if there was a way to catch those fast-moving markets with Higher Win Rate. 

We found the solution. The answer was right in front of us. 

THE LOBOT Strategy is Very Simple but Extremely Powerful. 

NO Delays
Quick 10-15 points Profits within "seconds" ... yes, not minutes ... "seconds". 

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