Saturday, 20 March 2021

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first …. 

Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition. 

Let’s throw in some trading cliche’ terms. 

  1. The market does not move in a straight line. 

  2. The market is fractal in nature. 

  3. Each pattern repeats itself on several time frames. 

  4. The market moves in waves, some would bet their house that it moves in a perfect Elliott Wave sequence (hmmm) 

If price always moves in waves then the most logical course of action would be to trade when the market takes a pause within a nice clean moving chart. We like to see a chart in a nice 45-degree move. 

How do you define a pullback? 

There are a few ways but to simplify it we will consider a pullback with a minimum of 3 candles and a maximum of 7 candles. (max can be subjective). But to keep it strictly objective, we would keep it to 3-7 candles and the price must stay above 20EMA. 

Two Types of Pullbacks 

Let’s agree here that we all understand that there are Two Types of Pullbacks 

How many Pullbacks can I trader within a trend? 

And the agreed answer to the question is to take the first or second pullback in a trend but not 3 or 4th. Note that it’s not an exact science. Sometimes even 3rd and 4th would be good but it will depend the trading time frame you have chosen. 

This is a simple concept but as always there is a question of when to start counting? 

So the question is where to start counting your pullbacks 

The answer is simple but depends on two situations 

To put it simply: the time to count is the time when you see the first initial breakout or the first turn around of a trend. 

The trick is to simply understand where the TREND STARTED. 

You can visually inspect this simply by looking at the chart or you can use an indicator for this 

  1. 10/20 ema (The Hun 2.0)

  2. AIMS Wave and Box and Gator(The Setup Indicators)

  3. KC (The Hunt 1.0) 

Number 1: The Hunt 2.0 - 10 / 20 EMA

In the case of 10/20 ema, your trend breakout or trend reversal will usually have an accompanying cross of the moving average 

E.g. in this chart, (that I  have randomly selected no special reason to show this ticker symbol whatsoever) I have marked where price turned around at the bottom after the pandemic crash down. It broke above the swing high to the left going above the moving averages. This was then followed by a pullback. You will also see I have marked the cross of the moving average. 

And you will also be able to see that you could have seen it simply by looking at the price. But for people who can’t do this on the price chart alone, the 2 moving averages can be a big help. 

I know its hard to know if the trend is starting right now at this moment when you’re at the right end of the chart at the current time. But when the breakout has already happened then it’s not that hard. 

10/20 EMA  Crossover Chart (The HUNT 2.0 Template)

In the picture you see a chart with 10 ema in gray colour and 20 ema in black colour. 

1. The EMA has crossed here. That's where the EMA's confirmed the uptrend. 

2.  Price crossed above the 10/20 EMA after which it pulled back to it. This is your first pull-back after the cross over 

3. This is probably the 3rd pull-back but I have deliberately ignored the 1 candle pull-back to the left marked with a small arrow. 

4. and 5, are perhaps the same wave but I can mark them as 4th and 5th separately. They seem to have worked in this instance and it's not uncommon in a strong bull market that we have seen since March 2020.

Number 2: The Setup 

The second one is perhaps very easy because you get a lot of help from the pattern that you understand pretty well already. 

We know that when the gator sleeps, and AIMS Wave is close to the Zero line… price is stuck inside the box we know setup 1 might be happening. 

Counting Pullbacks within Wave 5: 

Assuming you understand the Setup 1 pattern then you know that when price breaks the box and begins to move into wave 5, the first pullback towards the green line of the gator will be considered the first pullback. 

Setup 0 / Saddle Point Breakout - NEW WAVE 3: 

Now if you are looking at an overall market with no clear wave you’re in a range. Mark the Range Highs and lows. Suppose it breaks out above the range high, you start to see the first Big peak of the AIMS Wave … (AO)... It will usually pullback to the range high.. Here you have the first pullback. 

In the picture below you see a perfect setup 1: 

  1. Gator is sleeping, price is boxed

  2. AO is Close to ZL freshly cross above zero lines (turning green)

  3. Gator is opening now as price goes into wave 5 

  4. This is your FIRST pullback 

  5. 2nd pullback, only 1 candle so not the best but that’s a different setup we call the Waltz

  6. That’s really your 2nd pullback. Notice that price has already gone far up and you can assess that by the distance it’s travelled away from the initial break, and the peak of AO from when it first crossed above the zero lines. Also, you know that here we apply the concept of Target Zone 1.

Below now let’s look at the same chart I showed earlier for the 10/20 EMA cross over. Only this time you see it using The Setup template. You can see now how eWave or AIMS Wave or AO oscillator can come in handy.

The Hunt 1.0 (The original Hunt Method with Keltner Channels)

This is relatively simple. 

Start counting from where price FIRST broke outside of the Keltner Channel. And then count pullbacks using the definition of a pullback. Yes, tha’ts right, you want at least 3 candles. 

I suggest you blow this picture up and study it well. The annotations will help. (I hope) (Click on the link to see the bigger picture )

Sunday, 14 March 2021

STOCKS Shortlist Coming Week 15 March 2021

Stock 1: #ODP - Office Depot 

The weekly chart shows two very strong weeks of the move. The earlier breakout would have been nice. But now done a pullback. However, its a 2 weeks gain against 6 weeks retrace. There is a slight indication of a stretch but can be ignored. What we need here is a price breakout above the current box above $41. 

Stock 2:  Possible Buy Setup on #LXRX 

Buy Setup 1 on #LXRX

I can see a Wave 3 and 4

This could lead to a new wave 5

Entry: $7.70

First Target: $8.80

If achieved close half

and move SL to Breakeven

Stock 3: Trying to Buy $OCUL again 

The stock is showing a good wave structure
It has a bit of spiky pullback during its wave 4
The candles have broken the highs and failed a few times
Apart from the above, it's looking really good for another push-up
I've lost 0.5R on it once. If this second and final attempt goes well
then I will recover the previous investment and plus 1R on top.
So here we go again

Buy Price $21.50
Target 1 $ 23.50 (Close Half and Move SL to BE)
Target 2 $29.50

Stock 4: AVT

Thursday, 11 March 2021

When to Buy a Pullback? What Type of Pullbacks Work Best in 2021?

Let's get straight to answers!

The best time to buy on a Pullback is right at the beginning of a New Wave. 

The ideal time is where a new trend,  or a new wave 3 or a new wave 5 begins. 

How to Buy on a Pullback within a New Wave 3?

Before we answer the above question. 

We must first understand What is a NEW Wave 3? The answer is, 

 The NEW wave 3 will ALWAYS, ALWAYS come out of either 

  1. A Range / a Sideways market 

  2. Trend Reversal 


How to Buy on a Pullback within Wave 5? 

Wait for a Setup 1 breakout. Wait for Fresh new peak on AO and then wait for a pullback.

This is The HUNT method. Simple 

What if I don’t understand or care about Elliott Wave? 

Let’s assume you don’t care about eWave or don’t understand it. Then what? 

No problem. This basically means that you want to look for: 

  1. A Range-Bound / Sideways / No Trend Market and then 

  2. Wait for a Breakout and after you see a breakout 

  3. Wait for a Pullback 

Trading Pullback within the Setup is Simple 

All I have to do is wait for Setup 1 and Trade it. If I want to add on, I will then apply the HUNT Pullback. 

If it's a NEW 3 out of a Sideways Market then Hunt Pullback

Simple simple simple …

Create a universe of 300-500 stocks. Keep them on the list. Watch for their trends. 

I want to see a pullback near the fresh cross... Yes, the first and the 2nd pullback.

That's it. not 5th 4th of 7th pullback. That’s it. 

How to time it perfectly on the LOBOT template with 10/20 EMA only?

That’s simple too. 

You want to make sure its either a trend breakout (volatility breakout as above) or a reversal.

You want to time your entries on the first and 2nd pullback after the cross of the 10/20 EMA


Example 1: NBR

Example 2: MESA - Cracking Setup (Setup 1 Template)

What’s the Best Pullback Pattern?

There are two types of pullbacks 

  1. Clean 3-5 candle pullback back to 10 ema or the KC Upper Band

  2. 2-3 candle, then a fakeout, but then another 2-3 candle pullback. (creating a b trap and Pc)

The Simple Pullbacks (No Fakeouts) 

Example 1.1 KC 

Example 1.2 Lobot Template (10/20 Ema)

Example 2.1 - OII

Example 2.2 - MIK 2 Candle Pullback

Example 2.3 - Not a correct pattern

Example 3.  Some good and Bad Ones and How KC Eliminates some trades

The Complex Pullback 

Example 1 

It was hard to find just one example on the weekly daily charts. Such is the state of the markets these last 12 months. 

But it is quite common for lower time frames.

Monday, 8 March 2021

Is it True that Opportunity is Nowhere?

You have at your hands an opportunity to learn a simple yet powerful trading strategy.

In The Famous Words of the Legendary Trader Bill Williams


in the Book Trading Chaos, Dr Williams asks you to read this phrase written like so. "Opportunity is Nowhere". 

Most people perceive it has "nowhere". iTradeAIMS is here to help you put that "hyphen" between Now and Here. 

A Powerful Strategy that is Tried and Tested by Thousands

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies have been tried and tested by thousands around the world with great success.

The System has been proven successful in all kinds of markets, including Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Futures and Commodities Markets.

A Trading System for Everyone | Day Trader, Swing Trader, Investor 

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies and Systems are designed to suit all kinds of personalities and lifestyles. 

The system can be applied to Shorter Time Frames, Swing Time Frames and Investing Time Frames. 

A Responsive and Evolving Strategy

Markets are dynamic and keep changing constantly. The only thing that remains consistent is change.

Yet, Every moment in the market is unique and the market will never be the same.

ITradeAIMS Strategies are based on the underlying structure of the market.

Yes, the markets always have an underlying structure that hardly change because its rate of change is very slow. 

The Market may change on the superficial level but underneath it is a base layer. The foundational structure of the market remains almost always the same.

AIMS responds and adapts constantly to the minor or major changes in the market.

As the markets evolve AIMS adapts and updates are made available to you. All our software and course content remains fresh and consistently updated on a regular basis.

A Robust and Innovative Support System

Trading can be a lonely activity but you are not alone when trading with the iTradeAIMS community. We have a group of traders and mentors who will be there to help you every step of the way. 

You get a Memebers Only Dashboard Area where you can access all the course material and software.

You also have a place to share your trade ideas and journal.  The AIMS Community Forum and Discord Channels are here to support you and guide you at each step and take you into the future of consistently successful trading.

When you want to instantly get in touch with your fellow AIMS traders you can hope into the Discord Server and chat or talk to others. 

A Micro and Macro Perspective

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies allows a trader to read and analyse the market from a micro and macro perspective and that is a very powerful attribute.  

The Market is Fractal in nature. This is why our approach to trading is also multidimensional. Our strategies take full advantage of the Fractal Geometry of the Markets. 

A Solution for all types of Trading Personalities and Lifestyles

With AIMS Strategies you will find and profit from very lucrative trading opportunities.  You will learn how to apply trading Chaos to Forex on shorter time frames and longer time frames. No matter you have an hour of time available to trade or the whole five days of the week you have a choice of AIMS Stress-Free Strategy to suit your style. AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies presents solutions for Scalping, Intra Day Trading, Swing Trading, Short to Medium Term and longer-term Investing. It all depends on your choice.

You!, will Get Your "Ahaa!" Moment

Many people immediately have their “aha” moments. They grasp the idea relatively quickly, yet others take longer, but eventually, they all get it. One thing that everyone agrees on, whether it's trading the financial markets or any other business: trading success requires consistency. We have a formula:

Patience + Discipline = Consistency

Trading Made Simple and Easy

Trading really is simple but without consistency and the right mindset, I cannot say it is easy for all, I know it is not. I also know that it can be made easier.

In this age of cyber world space and digital life, we are all looking for instant gratification and overnight success.

Trading is simple but ironically, the simpler things in life are often the hardest to achieve.

But the iTradeAIMS system does not require hard work, instead, it is a new way of seeing the markets.

Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

Anyone can pull the trigger and take a trade. Heck, they can even make a very profitable trade every now and then.

However, the real success in trading is the ability to make money and be able to keep it.

The real success is to be able to consistently grow your account with minimal drawdown. 

Despite what the youtube gurus tell us, the fact remains:

"Success in trading can not be achieved without consistency".

We are here to help fill that gap. We will help and support you every step of the way. 

A Step by Step Plan to Become a Highly Disciplined Trader

The world of trading is full of stories of traders who have made or lost fortunes. The serious trader has only one boring story to tell. They grow rich slowly. 

They grow rich slow because they have a plan for the next 10 year, 5 years and 1 year. They have a plan for each quarter, month and week. 

You will learn how to create a professional trading plan and how to implement and review it without much effort. 

They have only one advice for you.

Trade Your Plan and Plan Your Trades

  • Follow the Rules of Your Trading System: Every time you take a trade following the rules of your system, you move one step closer to your destiny.
  • Make Every Trade into a Winner: Every trade is an achievement, it is a winner, as long as it is taken according to the rules of your system.
  • Trade The System As it is Supposed to be Traded: To be successful in trading, you have to consistently trade the system as it is supposed to be traded.

Look through A New Lens and an Extra Dimension

Traders who are consistently losing are at war with the market. Most of us perceive the market as an unfriendly place, but it is not - the market is neutral.

I suggest we shift our perspective about markets from a dangerous and unfriendly place, to a friendly and neutral place.

Remember what Einstein said: “The most important question we should ask is …

“Is the universe a friendly place?”.

Your answer to this question will fundamentally determine your trading success and, indeed, success in all aspects of your life.

Happiness, creating success, great relationships, money, health and wealth, everything.  Your answers set in place your belief system.

To understand the markets, what you need is a paradigm shift. For many a quick shift, for others, it takes a bit longer, but it does happen.

I’m not asking for hard work, as no hard work is required. Just be open to change;  be open and ready to accept “New Incoming Information”; relax and experience the change.

“I have found that we humans have two innate tendencies:
1 – we tend to overcomplicate everything we touch and, because of that, 2 – we cannot see the obvious”_________Dr.  Bill Williams

A Strong Belief System

I have learnt, through working with people, that the only way to be consistently successful is to establish a firm belief in your system.

A strong belief system paves the path towards the state of “knowing”. A firm belief system can be created by trading your system religiously, repeating the same process over and over, day in day out.

So I urge you to trade the system as it is supposed to be traded: trade the Setup and only the Setup. To do that, we need to learn and thoroughly understand the strategy.

It's Not Rocket Science 

Please complete each lesson and course carefully and take your time. No need to rush. Always keep in mind that it’s not rocket science.

Take it easy, relax and tell yourself:

“I’m going to learn a simple way of trading”.

Go on say it aloud to yourself. And repeat.

Say to yourself and accept that it is simple.

Believe in yourself. Really! You can do it.


Make this your mantra, “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” Remember that “Confidence grows by doing, not only thinking. the Only Action produces results”.

“It is the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only the wise are able to understand them.”

Friday, 5 March 2021

The One Strategy That Will Do Everything for You [FREE BOOK worth $197]

 What is the One Trading System that has stood the test of time? 

I have been trading for more than 10 years now and the one strategy that has really really really ... stood the test of time is my favourite trading method.

This Simple Trading System is the Mother of All. It can do EVERYTHING.... 

The Core Trading Strategy I use is The Setup Strategy. 
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What? You have Questions? Okay then...

Can I use this Strategy for Day Trading?
YES! I use it to Day Trade The DAX 30, EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD on A DAILY BASIS. My Bread and Butter!!!

Can I use this For Swing Trading? 
YES! I use this method to trade Stocks, Indices and Currencies. The method is very similar whether you trade the One Minute chart of the End of Day Daily Charts. 

What is the Win Percentage of this Method?
66% Win Rate. Plain and Simple Tried and Tested. (Backtest it and prove me wrong if you like - I dare ya!) 

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

4 Mistakes You Must Not Make trading Stocks in 2021


Hi there! It's Immy here... And if you're reading this then you should know that the headline was just my lousy attempt at creating a "clickbait" worthy tile. This is actually my 6 Weeks Review of my Stocks Swing Trading Challenge. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Nothing much to do here but it's been a nice sunny day.

I was walking down the path and saw this beauty. I caught a glimpse of the sun and some lovely flowers.

Remember I told you earlier this year that I was going to Invest in Stocks? That I'm going to share with you everything? 

So, I've started what I call a 20K challenge account and I intend to grow this account by 25-50% this year.

If I'm successful then I'm going to invest more money into this strategy. Perhaps I can attract some more investors.

But first, I'm going to prove that I can do it. 

It's been 6 weeks now since we started this account and a Review is due. So, Here is the 6 weeks review I promised I will share. 

Fair warning, I am a little emotional about it. 😑

It took me a week to actually record this video. It was not easy.

What is it that made it so hard? What is it that made me emotional? 
After diving deeper I came up with 4 potential problems.

Watch my 6 Weeks Review Now to Find Out More CLICK HERE>>>>


Can You Trade at London Open 8 am? If yes, then this strategy is for you. 

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Immy Aims

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Let me Fix Your Mental Pathways - How to Trade Setup 1

Today I had an intervention type of mentoring session with one of the members of our Discord Group. 

I wanted to explain something over the text chat but I could not wait. 

So I went into a live stream and tried to explain what this trader was missing. 

I hope watching this video will allow you to understand how to take trades using the AIMS Strategy. 

You will learn 

1. Benefits of Sticking to a single time frame for trading

2. What is Stage 1? 

3. What is DS? (Discipline Score)

4. What I don't trade the M5 chart when I'm trading the M1 Chart?

5. How to set Take Profit Levels?

6. How to Set Stop Loss with a correct take profit level

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

4 Lessons from Trading Stocks this year

Let's see

here is a Stock I filtered ... 

I trade stocks and indices and forex all using my favourite trading strategy I like to call The Setup. This strategy has a proven, tried and tested edge. It gives me an over 60% win rate with a profit factor of 1.5 per 50 trades. For every 20 trades, I make 5-10% risking only 1% per trade. 

But sometimes, instead of taking a trade, I use "my clever" brain to talk me out of it. E.g. in the picture below you see the chart of the Stock #Marriot #MAR. I thought that this industry is not very profitbale so lets not invest in it. I was wrong. 

4 Lesson Learned: 

1. Don't Trade What You Think ... Trade What You See

2. Don't assume you know which sector is better and that it should or should not move. 

3. When you see a setup, simply look at your risk levels and take the trade. If you are not over-leveraged and your risk factors still allow you to take a trade, simply take the trade. 

4. If you are in the trade, don't over analyse it and check it over and over. Simply wait for your predefined exit signal or take profit level to be hit. 

Monday, 8 February 2021

5 Easy Ways to Conquering Trading Stress

To most traders, trading is their job - it’s not a hobby. It requires commitment and consistency. It’s not something you sign up for on the side while also having a full-time job. Most traders want to make it to the top where they’ll be making enough money to dedicate all of their time to trading. 

 Amidst all the trading jargon, it is often forgotten that stress is a natural reaction to all the things that traders juggle when it comes to profiting in the market. 

Stress labels include fear, paranoia, impatience, anger, and there is an opportunity for anyone who takes a proactive approach to these stressful triggers rather than reactively moving forward with them. 

In this article, we will help provide you with actionable steps and a better understanding of how stress can affect your ability to make good decisions when 

Trading is not easy and to be honest, it can definitely cause some financial stress. We want you to have fun in the markets – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader. 

In my long career as a trader, I have seen many people trade without stress but not a lot. Most traders are nervous and neurotic around trading times. This kind of mental energy can be exhausting and can cause long term health problems. 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 1: Have Clear Goals and Objectives: Trading Plan

The #1 Tip to trade without stress is to start with a trading plan. The best way to do this is to set clear goals and expectations. Analyze the market and plan what you want to accomplish by each deadline.

Imagine yourself reaching these goals and taking the next step once you accomplish your goals. This will get rid of the uncertainty feelings that lead to trading stress. 

A trading plan does not have to be a very big document. To begin with, you can start with a single page. Over time this page will turn into 2 then 5 and then in several dozens of pages. My trading plan now has about 52 Questions. In fact, all members of AIMS Community can see and copy my trading plan.  At the end of each year, I review my trading performance and based on that I come up with a new trading plan. I then share my entire trading plan with my members. 

Trading plan not only keeps me on track it also helps me remain focused and allows my mind to remain stress. Everything is laid out in my trading plan so I don't have to worry about what should I be doing. 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 2: Find out What Works for You?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
The second way to trade without stress is to find a trading strategy that works for you. Each trader should have a trading system that they can feel confident with. If you have the right strategy, you will always know what moves to make when the market begins to shift. 

I have several strategies at my disposal. Over the long 10 years of my trading career, I have managed to develop more than a dozen trading strategy. My personal favourite is The Setup One trading strategy. However, my most current trading strategy is what I call the LOBOT method. I simply adore the simplicity of this method. I use the LOBOT strategy on daily basis. Each morning we trade the DAX30 using the LOBOT method along with our friends in our Discord Server. 

In addition, you can decide whether you want to use technical or fundamental analysis. I have not come across many traders who would use Fundamental analysis lately. But it can be a powerful tool for those willing to hold positions longer terms. 

Technical analysis looks at price action and volume, while fundamental analysis primarily looks at company news and financial statements. Both methods are widely popular among traders because they 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 3: Choose the Right Niche

The third way to trade without stress is to find the right niche. You need to find a trading niche that fits your personality and skill level. For example, if you are only interested in making small trades, you should avoid high risk or low liquidity stocks. 

Instead, you should look into the safer options that offer a greater chance of success. Finding the right niche allows you to feel more comfortable with your investments, which will lead to a decline in stress. 

The way you trade should be flexible as no one size fits all. Your style should be personal and unique to you while giving you a high probability of success.

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 4: Keep a Trading Journal

Photo by Judit Peter
The key is to understand our trading style works best for us. The path we are on in our trading journey is unique to us. What works for someone else may not work for us. And that's OK. All that matters is that you develop a trading style that allows you to trade your own way, your way!

Whilst, trading doesn’t have a “no stress” option, knowing how to trade correctly can really help you get started and improve your results. I highly recommend you join our trading community and begin trading stress-free. JOIN NOW 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 5: Acquire a Probabilistic Mindset 

The probabilistic mindset is the thought process many successful traders possess. It is the way a trader thinks about everything on a probability scale.

The best traders have a probabilistic mindset. They use probabilities to make decisions, and can quickly change strategies when their assumptions are wrong. A probabilistic mindset will help you make better decisions in Forex.

In a probabilistic mindset, everything has a degree of uncertainty. The strength of your belief is represented by the amount of evidence supporting it.

Whether you’re a novice trader, a day trader, a swing trader or an investor, the probabilistic mindset will help you to truly understand the market and become consistently profitable.

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...