Monday, 25 January 2021

How to Record Trades in Your Trading Journal

Today I'm going to record my first trade.  As you may know from my previous blog posts and videos. I have started a public 20K Swing Trading Challenge. 

How will I record my trades? 

I'd like to share with you a very unique method of recording my trades. We call this method the T20 Principle. 

I have learned this technique from Mark Douglas the Great (RIP). He introduced this concept in his famous book Trading in the Zone. 

I'm going to record my trades in Batches of 20. I will record each trade in a separate post. This is a modified version of our T20 Journaling Template. 

T20 Principle Book: If you're a member of AIMS please do not miss download the book T20 Principle. 

1. Batch and Trade Number: 

2. Symbol and Time Frame:

3. Signal Type: 

4. Trade Direction :

5. Date/Time: Entry:        

6. Date/Time Exit:   

7. Entry price: 

8. Exit Price:

9. Questions Before Trade is Taken: (I will record these in the form of a video analysis of the trade) 

  • How do I feel before setting the order? 
  • Intuition?
    e. g. What is your intuition about this trade? Do you think its a good setup? Do you think it will be a winner? How do you feel internally? Is the technical analysis correct? Is the market really in a good position to go in this direction? 
  • Is this technically The Setup 1?
    [This question is entirely focused on the technical analysis side. Is this really a perfectly good setup 1? Is M1 creating the proper setup 1 pattern? Is the M5 Chart (or the 5XHTF) creating the correct corresponding pattern? Gator is open and there is a 4-5 candle pullback? etc]

10. Post Trade Questions: 

  • How Do I feel after closing the trade (or end of the session for Day Traders)?
  • Have I done well and why?
  • Have done badly and Why?
  • What Could I have done differently? 

11. DS For this Trade:

12. DS Running Total:

13. Add Picture and Video 

Sunday, 24 January 2021

EUR/USD - The Complete Elliott Wave Analysis

EUR/USD Complete Elliott Wave Analysis by iTradeAIMS on

Editor's Pick on 

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Stocks Swing Trading Strategy Ep #1

Do you remember a few days ago, I told you about my Stocks and Shares Trading Strategy?

I told you that I'm going to start trading the Stock Market and that I am going to apply a Swing Trading Strategy. 

You will see EACH and EVERY Trade that I Take. I have a £20,000 Spread Betting Account. It will be completely transparent. 

So, The wait is over, everything is finally ready. The Account is Ready and I have taken the first step. 

Watch the first episode of this series.  

You will learn: 
1. Which stocks are I  looking to buy this week?
2. How I find these stocks?

This Video was Followed by a Live Stream on Trading View Watch Here:

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Are You in to Stock Trading? Want to Know my Portfolio?


As I sit here on a Saturday morning, wondering what would I do when I am finally allowed to go out and do what I want to do. But the reality is that I'm actually more excited about my NEW Venture of the New Year. 

I spent most of the last year researching and testing my strategy for investing and trading stocks. I have actively started Swing Trading Stocks. 

Initially, I have started with a 20K Account and I'd love to share my technique and analysis with anyone who's interested. 

I tested trading The Setup 1 Strategy on the Daily and Weekly charts last year. The results were more than outstanding. I mean, they are so ridiculous that I don't even want to share with you. I turned a 10K paper-trading account into 1.6 Billion. Say no more. 

I know I won't be able to do that on live accounts because I took enormously large positions often investing all of my equity. But what I enjoyed the most was getting into $TSLA Tesla Stocks at the price of $444 back in Oct and Nov 2020.  I'm still holding around 10 stocks. 

Another great trade was $FUTU. The Setup 1 signal got me into the stock at $45 and it went all the way up to $79. 

I have developed a Stock Trading Scanner on the TradingView platform. I shared a video on youtube last year.  If you'd like to learn more login to iTradeAIMS members area and visit Lesson 17 which is my Stock Trading Course.  If you are not a member yet please considering joining or otherwise wathc my FREE youtube videos where I have explained my Stock Trading Strategy. 

In this video below I discuss when I was long on Tesla from the average price of $436 Watch Time Stamp : 

If you join AIMS As a Premium Members I will Give you my Complete Trading Strategy. 

I will share each and every stock trade that I take, starting from when it first hits my scanner and when the Stock Gets added to my Watchlist. Which will be followed by a process of making the actual trade. 

I will be running a Live Account of £20,000. You will see each stock and inside the account. 

JOIN me in this journey of investing in stocks

Finally Watch This Video to Learn How I find Stocks and How I Decide to Invest in that company. 

And to the very end I leave you with $GM General Motors Chart which is my absolutley favourite. I will do a complete analysis of this stock this week.s 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Checkout out My First Stream LIVE on TradingView

Monday, 4 January 2021

A Happy New Year Message | Recap of the year and Plan for 2021

Hello this is Immy from iTradeAIMS - AIMS Stress-Free Trading

First of all, I wish you a Very Happy New Year.

The year 2020 is finally gone. While the year 2020 brought many challenges and heartbreaks, we live in a different world. Covid-19 has changed the world.

It Seems to be going strong still but there is hope of recovery soon.

Salute to the front line workers who have worked endless hours to keep people alive.

The year started with a bleak news break out of a certain virus spreading across the world. That is when all the worlds markets took a nosedive. But the market soon turned around and is yet to stop.
As the world was going through this turmoil the stock and forex markets were going strong. Though the initial News of the Pandemic did create some panic in the market. Overall, the market remained bullish during the year.

The News of Vaccine has been the most joyful event of the year. BioTech Sector has seen some extreme bullish trends. Traders and investors flocked towards the BioTech sector investing into Stocks like Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and BioNTech and many more. (insert Stock Charts).

The Tech Sector saw some real gain. Creating bubbles that one would think might pop sooner or later, but who knows.

Retail stock traders contributed 25% of liquidity to the overall market which is a record itself. It would appear that younger people are more interested in trading stocks than saving accounts.

Video conferencing companies like Zoom saw its price quadruple.

While the tourism industry and airlines suffered the most. The Oil industry took a hit, making news around the world when crude oil futures hit negative price value.

TESLA went up 720% becoming one of the biggest companies in the world making Elon Musk enter the Top 10 richest people in the world. The Richest Man on the Planet, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos saw his wealth expand by another 70+ Billion dollars. Check out Tesla's TimeLine Here

The S&P500 (Index of the top 500 US Large Cap Stocks) to a phenomenal negative 35% hit. Trillions of dollars of value taken off. It found its bouncing point soon after dropping 1200 points within a month. It went down to 2180 from 3400.

S&P500 will open at 3734. This is 300 points above the pre-pandemic levels of 3400.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average.
(Also Quoted as DJIA, Dow30 or the US30 in the Forex World) also recovered from its early losses. It's broken its own records and stands above the all-time record of 30,000.

30,000 brings another interesting market to mind. The cryptocurrencies have been rising up like Elon Musks Falcon Rockets.

Bitcoin has hit the $30,000 mark within the first weekend of this year 2021. While the stocks and forex markets are still off cryptocurrency market remains open 24/7 365. Remember, cryptocurrencies is a 24hrs market in real sense. Yes, you can trade it over the weekend and during holidays.

TheUK100 (Official Name FTSE100) was not that fortunate though. Thanks to a mix of negative effects including pandemic and Brexit the index only recovered halfway from its pandemic losses.

The DAX30 is my favourite index. I trade it on a daily basis at the London open. The DAX30 gave us the opportunity to quadruple our accounts this year. I had two phenomenal trading days this year.

First, there was this day when I made 23% and this was soon topped by another day or 41% profit within one day. The DAX30 (German 30 Index) is one of the most volatile markets. It is very suitable for our style of trading due to its high volatility.

I have traded the DAX30 since 2012 and will continue to trade it within the first 2 hours of the London session.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

I will continue to trade the DAX30 since it's very profitable for me. But I also have some Fascinating news and GREAT NEW PLANS for this year.

New Trading Strategy for the Year 2021

I will actively invest in the Stock Market. I have become a bit of a funds manager now. While I won't manage money for the public I have accepted to run accounts for some family and friends. Wish me success.

I would love to share my Stock Trading Strategy and Signals with all of you. If you'd like to know when I am about to invest in a stock and which stocks are on my watchlist then please subscribe and join AIMS Trading community.

When you join, you will have access to all the trading courses, books and indicators. You will also have access to our discord sever where I stream live every day. All my stock positions will be shared and I will give everyone a thorough technical analysis of the setups I see on the stocks I have on my watchlist. So JOIN TODAY.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the year and hope to see you soon inside AIMS Stress-Free Trading.

When is it too late or too early to buy a pullback? 

In order to answer this question first ….  Let’s quickly do some repetition. Let’s quickly do some repetition.  Let’s throw in some trading ...