Saturday, 27 February 2021

4 Mistakes You Must Not Make trading Stocks in 2021


Hi there! It's Immy here... And if you're reading this then you should know that the headline was just my lousy attempt at creating a "clickbait" worthy tile. This is actually my 6 Weeks Review of my Stocks Swing Trading Challenge. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Nothing much to do here but it's been a nice sunny day.

I was walking down the path and saw this beauty. I caught a glimpse of the sun and some lovely flowers.

Remember I told you earlier this year that I was going to Invest in Stocks? That I'm going to share with you everything? 

So, I've started what I call a 20K challenge account and I intend to grow this account by 25-50% this year.

If I'm successful then I'm going to invest more money into this strategy. Perhaps I can attract some more investors.

But first, I'm going to prove that I can do it. 

It's been 6 weeks now since we started this account and a Review is due. So, Here is the 6 weeks review I promised I will share. 

Fair warning, I am a little emotional about it. 😑

It took me a week to actually record this video. It was not easy.

What is it that made it so hard? What is it that made me emotional? 
After diving deeper I came up with 4 potential problems.

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