Sunday, 14 March 2021

STOCKS Shortlist Coming Week 15 March 2021

Stock 1: #ODP - Office Depot 

The weekly chart shows two very strong weeks of the move. The earlier breakout would have been nice. But now done a pullback. However, its a 2 weeks gain against 6 weeks retrace. There is a slight indication of a stretch but can be ignored. What we need here is a price breakout above the current box above $41. 

Stock 2:  Possible Buy Setup on #LXRX 

Buy Setup 1 on #LXRX

I can see a Wave 3 and 4

This could lead to a new wave 5

Entry: $7.70

First Target: $8.80

If achieved close half

and move SL to Breakeven

Stock 3: Trying to Buy $OCUL again 

The stock is showing a good wave structure
It has a bit of spiky pullback during its wave 4
The candles have broken the highs and failed a few times
Apart from the above, it's looking really good for another push-up
I've lost 0.5R on it once. If this second and final attempt goes well
then I will recover the previous investment and plus 1R on top.
So here we go again

Buy Price $21.50
Target 1 $ 23.50 (Close Half and Move SL to BE)
Target 2 $29.50

Stock 4: AVT

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