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Join our Live Trading Room [Skype Group / Private Server]

We have been trading trading live in Our Live Trading Skype Group - Starting 2nd of Feb 2015. Its been 2 years now and the only thing we hear from users is some form of praise paraphrased in different ways

"there is nothing like it out there" 

"100% recommended" 

I Trade this System Strategy  Daily Live with Friends from around the Globe and We Love it AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy

Join AIMS Skype Chatroom and 

Trade Live with Confidence

Trade Live with Master Traders

Live Commentary on Live Charts, Step-by-step  explanation of the Setup from

1. How to take a trade?
2. How to manage it? and
3. How to 
Take Profit?


A Unique and Practical Method

Daily Weekly Trading Videos 

Improve Discipline by following the T20 Principle 

What are the benefits of Skype Subscription?

You get two kinds of benefits from the trading room, Technical and Psychological/Mental.

1. Technical Benefits

The first kind of benefit you get from being an active member of AIMS Skype Live Trading Chatroom is Technical Analysis. Technical analysis involves,

1. Where to Enter the Market with Entry Signals. Learn What is the Entry Setup? (whenever possible)

2. Trade Management: Learn how to Manage your trades, the crucial bit of successful trading.

3. Risk Management Guidelines, How much to risk per trade and why.

We share all that we know without any bias or prejudice. We love sharing. So we are absolutely sure from past experience with dozens of members who joined our Skype Live Trading Room that being part of this group should

1. Enhance your Technical Knowledge,

2. Increase your Understanding of the Structure of the Markets,

3. Enhance your grasp of AIMS Technical Trading Strategies.

4. Analysis of Currencies on The Daily Time Frame 2-3 times a week. We also discuss currency trading on intra-day time frames.

5. You will get access to AIMS The Hunt Strategy 

6. Indicators used for AIMS The HUNT Strategy [The Final Frontier]

7. Access to AIMS Detailed Trading Plan. It also includes Sample of Our Detailed Trading Plan plus it sets you up on a pathway of Training for Discipline.

8. We will guide you on how to become a disciplined trader.

9. Daily and Weekly Videos: What pairs to trade, Short listed Pairs, and Overview plus Tutorials

What is AIMS The Hunt Strategy? 

The HUNT strategy is the final advanced and coherent fusion of AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategies.

The Hunt is an elegant creation based on The Science of Fractal Geometry. 

Yes its more powerful than ever before!
Yes its extremely simplified and mostly automated!!
Yes its a Set and Forget strategy!!!
Yes its for all time frames and markets!!!!
Yes its indicators automatically adjust to every time frame!!!!!

This strategy is being taught on a daily basis inside our Skype Group and this section of this forum.

1. Skype Live Trading Room and
2. Access to AIMS The Hunt Section

2. The MIND

Mental and Psychological Benefits

The second one is more powerful, its Mental and Psychological. As far as I am aware no one helps you with this side of trading out there.

Trading is 80% mental. No matter how many times I repeat this phrase it does not get old. Because the meaning of this are so vital, so important yet subtle that I have to keep repeating it.

No matter how good you get with your technical side if your mental side is weak the chances of major success in any endeavour in your life are going to be low.

We know the power of this concept.

We believe that your time spent with us in our Skype Live Trading Room, should do the following for you

1. Enhance your Understanding of your Mind, How you think and feel

2. Increase your Knowledge of How The Mind Works and

3. Learn techniques of AIMS Mental Trading Strategies and

4. Understand the Structure of your Mind.

5. Learn a very powerful method of Training your Mind for Disciplined Trading.

6. Ongoing support in terms of tweaking your trading plan and making the system your own.

I love trading with others it keeps us all disciplined and there is always a great learning environment as well as some humbling moments that we all experience from time to time.

Join AIMS Skype Live Trading Chatroom

 FREE with PREMIUM Membership


Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Policies apply. 

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We believe the market has a structure. That structure is Elliott Wave. We also believe that the structure also has a structure and that structure is shown to us on our charts by using our indicator AIMS Levels. EW consists of impulse waves and corrective waves. We are interested in trading the impulse waves and avoid the corrective waves.

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When I talk about waves, I don't mean the popular Elliott Wave. I mean the WAVE we have on the most beautiful indicator called, ahem it has many names, AO, The Awesome Oscillator, The eWave, AIMS Wave etc.  It helps us see the market in a smooth wave going above and below a certain Zero Line. .. It helps you ignore the going up and going down of the price concept. For us technical traders, we don't have an up and down as such specially in forex. All we see is eWave turning Red or Green.

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