Thursday, 26 March 2020

Why You Need to Learn to Use this Tool


I hope you're all doing great, staying safe, staying in doors and washing your hands often.

RISK MANAGEMENT is the Key. As traders we know this. You don't have any chance of survival, in the trading world, unless and until you understand and apply correct risk management rules into your trading plan.

Your Trading Strategy must address Risk Management first and foremost. This is what it's all about. you want to know exactly how much can you possibly lose before you even consider setting an order to enter the market .

Likewise, in life, we need to STAY SAFE. And now, more than ever, we all should do our bit. Specially because these days its not about YOU only. It's about the rest of us as well. You SAVE lives by staying safe.

Today, the least selfish thing you could do is to STAY SAFE. Be very selfish and keep yourself selfishly safe from the virus. This would be your biggest, greatest deed to the entire human race.

I'm sure you're staying home. And probably getting bored. However if you were part of  our AIMS Live Trading Room, chances are you'd have something to do. A bit of laugh and lots of Trade Ideas.

Today Jasmien did it again. Well, she filtered something and when I asked her why. She went bonkers. lol

So I thought I'll explain this matter in a video. Here is the video.

In This Video Tutorial:

1. Learn how to Draw Target Zone
2. When and how to use Target Zone to filter signals
3. What is the correct Setup pattern
4. How to count waves using correct number of bars on the AO
5. Multiple time frame manipulation to count elliott waves within 10 seconds or less

Friday, 13 March 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 Effect on DAX30

As we all know the world is in grip of this Pandemic. The Covid-19 Coronavirus is spread faster the fires of Australia. 

It's killing people and scaring the rest of us. I wish you all good health and hope you stay safe.

Meanwhile the global markets have responded to this calamity in the most predictable fashion. Of course traders and investors are worried.

The Advantage of Traders over Investors:

Investors, the longer term investors get a beating during these market conditions. On the flip side, short term traders can make tons of money from these markets.

In fact we have lost 25% of value in our Children's Fund accounts. Last month my Son's Account was sat at 38K. Today at 28k. The fund has suffered a 25% drop. But that's not the fault of the fund. The whole world's stocks and funds are losing money. Trillions are getting lost by the hour.

Luckily though, trading the dax daily, we should have recovered more than we have lost. Short term traders MAKE money during crashes. Long term investors lose half their accounts. 

I did a quick analysis of THE DAX30 using the 10s Elliott Wave method. BAD NEWS are always connected with WAVE C. Find out how this pandemic sits within the count of DAX 30.

Watch 10s Elliott Wave count of the DAX 30 All Time 


Hope you enjoy it. 

Monday, 9 March 2020

The First Rule of Investing is ...

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor of all time. Yes, there are other great investors and traders but Warren still remains the favourite for a variety of reasons. However the best quality he's got is his way of simplifying things. He kept it very simple. E.g. we have Ray Dalio, an amazing personality and hugely successful. But nothing is simple in his world. The same could be said about Paul Tudor Jones.

I came across this talk today and I thought I'll share with you. Please watch and think.

Knowing something like this as early on, in your life, as early as possible, could have dramatic effect over you and specially your financial worth in life. I can only imagine the effect it would have made on the lucky people who got to see this talk back when it happened.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Why is this a perfect setup one - Slippery Oil

Oil slipped downwards on Friday as the market gets worried about demand for fuel. The market expects lower demand due to the global worry about the coronavirus outbreak. It's a serious threat to the global economy, some say. The market's worry is heightened by concern over non-Opec crude producers not yet having agreed to cut output further to support prices.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) on pushed for crude output be cut by an extra 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in total until the end of 2020. The call came ahead of an Opec+ meeting scheduled for Friday in Vienna

Brent crude fell 47 cents, or 0.9 per cent, to $49.52 per barrel by 0223 GMT, while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) was down 42 cents, or 0.9 per cent, at $45.48 per barrel.

This drop created a Setup 2 for AIMS traders. If you wanted you could have taken the trade without knowing what the world or analyst say about it. Because here it is.

The picture below shows what a setup 2 looks like and how you could have taken this.

WTI also fell but not before alerting us. The 4 hourly chart created what I would call the Perfect Setup 1. Here are two reasons, at least, why this is the Perfect Setup. Check the chart below

The picture above is a perfect setup 1. And you did not , seriously again, you did not need to know these news I'm giving you. All you needed was to LOOK at your chart and Look for the Setup 1 or Setup 2 signals.

Anyway the news goes as follows:

Some experts on Oil thought or expected Moscow to ultimately endorse the agreement.

"If it says no, the entire union could collapse — and with it any new bilateral trade and investment deals in the pipeline as well as the strategic influence Moscow has secured by participating in the production agreement," RBC Capital Markets said in a research note.

"There will be a flurry of high level calls between Moscow, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to get the deal done."

And if that happens and continues, we might see some more setups on your chosen time frame. So far the Daily Time frame is bearish. Under such circumstances, volatility is high AIMS Setups will continue to through money in your pocket over and over and over again. STICK TO THE PLAN... 

Monday, 24 February 2020

Can You Make $500 Daily Travelling in Pakistan

Many of us like to travel others prefer the comfort of their routine and homes. I'm somewhere in the middle of the two. You can't make me go to distant locations all year round. I like my routine, I like my office and home.

But every once in a while I go out there and I enjoy the hectic life of "not being at home". Not able to sit on my desk, make videos and create blog posts.

Life is not fun without a bit of a change, a bit of challenge. This is why I'm here 5000 miles away from home. Pakistan is a 3rd world country but that's where I was born. I am a proud Pakistani as well as  proud British citizen. I'm lucky in many ways.

I don't have to worry about getting sick in this country. I don't need to check with my GP before I travel. Because I have already faced these conditions and my body knows how to deal with these types of bugs that might affect me.

but what about trading? what about making that $500 daily? Can you still trade on  a daily basis, Monday to Friday and still continue to profit?

Well, I've learned that DATA is far more cheaper in India and Pakistan than it is in the west. You can grab yourself 20G of mobile data for the price of a good Flat White. Yes, just 3 pounds will be enough. And I don't think I can consume 20G in a month.

So yes, as long as you have internet, you can do it. But what about time? Can you still spare this much time?

Well, that too is not  problem. Suppose you have your laptop with at least an hour of charge and that internet connection. Don't need 20G data, don't need more than 1mb speed. Even that will do. MT4 will run on even less than 1MB speed.

All you need is 10-30 minutes. Well, at least that is what we need. The method that we use, in our AIMS Live trading room, does not require more than an hr max of trading a day. I have for the last 4 weeks, only traded 30-40 min max. Often I've finished 15 minutes into London open.

Today we took this trade. This trade is a simple setup and I took it just before London Open. But the commentary that went along was worth more than this picture. Sadly, I cannot give you that same experience here because you had to be there to experience it. This is the beauty and fun of trading.

I was chatting with my friends in the trading room. Jasmien was not sure but I told her that based on what I see, there was a serious chance of a new Wave 3 to the down side. So I entered before London open. and then grabbed 60 points as planned. 

So I risked 1R and took profit of 5R. so that is $1250 profit at the risk of losing only $250 if it went against me. 

If you have a smaller account, consider making $125 at the risk of losing only $25. This is trading. It's powerful. 

If you'd like to JOIN us click on the BUY NOW link above. 

Some other trades I took during last week. 

these two pictures have lovely stories behind them, but I cannot explain it here every day. Because you have to be there, in the chatroom to really experience it as it happens minute by minute. 

A lovely Setup 1 right at London Open. $500 Banked within 2 Minutes. JOB DONE...

This trade picture above shows the story of the 20th of Feb. 3 trades taken in total. 2R profit BANKED. 
Some days we have to work harder. Which means staying 30 minutes on the screen. Oh my God, your eyes will get tired and hands will ache (not). lol

So this is trading... with a little bit of training one can learn a simple way to make money working less than 30 min a day.