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Discover How The British Pound Produced 65% Profit with Only 5 Losing Trades

Discover How GBP/USD Produced 65% Profit and Only 5 Losing Trades 

The year 2019 is gone. It brought some amazing action in the forex markets. This year was specially good for the pound. 

I have prepared this video which will premium 3PM UK. I have created a Template with all the trades and signals we received using The Setup Strategy. 
You will learn in this video: 
1. How to Back Test 
2. The three types of back testing methods
3. How to look for Setup Signals

Step 1:
I have prepared a Spreadsheet of the trades and signals for the year. Follow this link to have a look at it.
ACCESS The Spreadsheet here

Step 2:
Then download the Template (only available to members) and apply it to your chart. 
Download the Template Here

Step 3:
Go over the chart from Jan to December. Follow the Instructions in the Video: 
Watch Video Here

The above video and the exercise will help you 
a) Learn how to trade the Setup method
b) prepare and improve your plan for the Year 2020. 

That's why I say...

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Immy Yousafzai 

ps: If you don't hear from me again, I wish you Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 


Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Episode #4: Where is Jerry? Market Secrets Podcast


Hello and welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast with your host. Immy Yousafzai. Founder of

This is the full episode #4 of the Story of my forex trading. And Today I'm going to talk about Jerry the godsend angel. Now, where are you? In my last episode I told you about the top secret method. I luckily got my hands on.

Using this method I was able to turn a small account of $16,000 pound initial investment into £66,496 in under four weeks. And I was thinking. Could we now turn the $66,496? Into $265,876.00 in the next four weeks? I was asking this because that was the real goal.

So I got up in the morning and tried to log in. As you remember I told you I had this secret system that only I and a hundred others or 99 others had access to.

But I could not log in. It failed to connect. I smiled and thought it's a great chance to hear the melodic melody of the beautiful voice of Jerry.  Who is Jerry huh? You may  ask.

Jerry is the angel God sent to rescue me. When I stumble upon this method through a very good friend, they were fully sold out.

They had their doors shut to new members. I begged my friend to persuade them and he talked to Jerry on my behalf.  A phone call came and Jerry said, in his charming manner, “Immy! you're in”.

That was the sound of Christmas to me. I had seen the amount of money people were making using this system. So, looks like eventually he took mercy on me and now I was in.

He said “we are fully booked and have no more space but because of your friends recommendation (begging) I have  made an exception”. He allowed me to have access to the secret system. But only if I paid 60% premium.

So you might have guessed now. Normal price was $10,000. Now, it's a big price but what it could do with that system the price I paid I thought was nothing. But I paid $16,000. Ye,s that was $6,000 more than original but I needed this. The good thing is that they did not take a penny out of it and invested the whole $16,000 into the fund. Because they said the larger the fund, the more money they make anyway. Because they took 5% commission out of profit. Which was very fair I thought.

All of my $16,000 were invested into the fund. Without Jerry, I would never have received the secret system and turned $16,000 into $66,496.

So, that day, I called Jerry. But the phones did not work that day. Remember those were the days. When we didn't have these fancy smartphones and stuff. But technology was there.

Something was wrong with the network. I called again and it said the number you have dialed does not exist. Hmm that only happens when there is. No number like that. So that cannot be true is it? Phone numbers one connect email bounced back, even the website was down. Maybe there was some terrorist attack or something… god forbids, I thought.

Or maybe some hacking going on. I was in shock and horror to be honest. So here I am sitting in front of the computer. Without any signals. It was as if they suddenly disappeared into thin air. When you’re scared you do get those crazy thoughts. And one of them was “what if they were a scam? What if they disappeared”?

I remember taking my. Newlywed wife in my tiny little car. And we travelled all the way. To this city and some of you who are from England would know Stevenage. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly, it's a little town we went there and there was this.  Beautiful!!!  Well not beautiful but it was it was a building.

I saw that dark jungle green shiny Jaguar parked under the private building. Yep, there's that jaguar again. And I thought hmm “that must be one of there’s”  and to my surprise as soon as I met Jerry for the first time before we did any business talk he revealed that the green Jaguar that you might have seen. Belongs to him. Or did it?

Well, you'll be shocked to know that in fact that's exactly what had happened in reality because they were one gigantic scam.

They fed me with lies. I lost all my investment of 16,000 pound not only that. I lost all my profits as well. But most importantly. I lost my one special system it was my life it was my dream. But it was a classic scam it was too good to be true.

Now you must be wondering. How did we convert $16,000 into $66,000. How did this happen? How can I claim that? $16,000 were turned into $66,496. That is because they fed me with lies. No wonder every trade was a winner.

I think they were a few just very tiny number and they were very very small. So something like 90% wind rate, but I wasn't bothered about win rate or stuff like that. I didn't even look into it. I only thought I only knew one thing. This thing was gonna make me a millionaire in few months.

In the end, they took all the money and disappeared. Have you ever been scammed before? If you have please do let me know in the comment section.

They robbed us all fair and square. 100 times $10,000 = Easy Peasy $1,000,000. You feel so stupid when it all comes out. You feel like you could have avoided it. This is what all the people, who have been scammed, think afterwards.
They managed to show profits because they were just sending us fictitious trades everyone was getting those trades and they were creating their own market and the algorithm and the amazing software that we were connecting to were perhaps not connecting to any server.

It was just connecting to their computers in their office where they were feeding the lies to us. Turns out. With a little bit of coding you can actually come up with something like that. But that was 2006, so I learned my lessons. Never trust a black box system. I said at the time.

In fact, I stayed away from investing for quite a long time, but I had the bug, you know, the trading bug was there. So, even though I was not investing I still kept thinking about it for the next 3 years.

I had to trade I always thought I will invest because this is a great way to make money. And finally, I found out what was the real way to trade. And I will never forget the day I realised I had made 466% in less than five weeks using nothing but a simple trading system I discovered myself.

Now would you like to find out how I did it? If yes then please look out for my next episode.

And I will share with you a powerful concept that you can apply to your trading and get the same results or better. Thank you for listening.

Friday, 13 December 2019

Market Secrets Podcast Episode Number 3: The One Special System

Listen on Spotify:

The One Special System

It’s 5 am, I’m up before the alarm clock goes off. I want to be on my desk at 6 am. Highly excited.
Get out of bed with right foot first and say, “thank you”.

When you love your work it’s not toil anymore. It is not work anymore. Because, you look forward to doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

I was excited, sometimes overexcited. I could not wait to start to trade, my One Special System…
Working for the local govt in social services department was not much fun but it was a good “secure job” here in Birmingham, UK. But that is not why  I woke up early. I did that because I wanted to check charts and set my orders before I head out for work.

I always wanted to make more money. So, I started to invest in the financial markets as a side hustle. Besides any extra income would be more than welcome especially when a baby was on “her” way.

I was looking for the Holy Grail of making money in the financial markets without any hard work.

And that search lead to this “Amazing Discovery”.

It was claimed this system provided 100% accurate and amazingly profitable trading signals. I had £16,000 invested into it. And frankly, I could not wait to put more money into it.  Because...

It was too good of an opportunity. At the time I could not believe my luck. I was only one of the 100 lucky people who had access to this extremely rare algorithm.

It was so easy. The software was TOP Secret algorithm. Protected with  a special usb encryption Key. It worked only when the usb key was in its place otherwise it won’t work.

Afterall it was a very valuable and top secret software. That is why they only selected a few people to share with. So, I kept my Special Key right next to my pillow while I slept.

The Signals were created by this proprietary algorithm that was running on their “super powerful servers”. The servers constantly monitored the global financial markets 24hrs 7 days a week.

Did I mention this system was available to just lucky 100 people on the planet I was one of them. 😊
This System was so good it  Quadrupled my account in the space of 4 weeks.

Yes, my £16,000 turned into £66,469. I could not believe my luck. 

I felt so excited and lucky. I was dreaming of buying my dream car and moving to a bigger house 🤑 . I kept this little secret to myself until one day this happened …

Something went terribly wrong… 

Would you like to find out what went wrong? Are you interested to find out how I dealt with it? How in the world did I not see this coming? Did the market crash?

If so then look for my email tomorrow. I’m going to share with you what happened and how I discovered a powerful solution. Quadrupling your account is nothing in front of this. 

So, look for tomorrow’s email. The subject line is “Can we Turn £66,469 into £265,876‬?” 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Is there a Magic Pattern that makes money in the market over and over

Is there a Magic Pattern that Makes Money Consistently? 

I was not feeling well today. Also feeling a bit of anxiety. No specific reason. It's just the weather here in the UK. It can be stressing for no apparent reason.

I all of a sudden thought I need to talk about this pattern, so I was looking at the Dow Jones the US 30 chart. And throughout the day. I've been monitoring it.

You do see a pattern that repeats itself on different dimensions different time frames and everything so if you're looking for a daily chart, it's there,  if you're looking for a weekly chart, it's there. So no matter what type of job you do or lifestyle you have or which time zone you live in, you can use this pattern.

You can trade using the time frame of the chart, that suits your lifestyle. And this pattern will appear there so let's suppose you only have 15-20 minutes a day, so the best time frame for you would be the daily chart.

And the if you can only spare half an hour to an hour once a week, then your time frame is the weekly timeframe.  And if you can actually trade on swing basis and you have a few hours here and there randomly then you can trade the four hour chart or the daily chart.

And for those of us who are lucky enough to have spare time throughout the day, especially people who are working from home or if they are self-employed or their jobs are in a way that they can actually stop and  trade. Then they can trade intraday and they will button in the pattern is it fascinates me?

Because it's been there and it's always available.

The pattern is really simple to identify. All you have to do is this.
1. Wait for the AO indicator which we have or the aims wave,  wait for it to create the highest or lowest peak within the lookback period of 100 candles/bars to the left.
2. After the peak, the market starts to lose momentum. The AIMS Wave bars start to go back nearer to the Centre Zero Line. So after the wait for it to come back to the zero line
3. Once it's there, you will see that the box will tighten the gator will steep inside.
4.  And then from there it will break out again in the direction of the previous peak.

And so every time it does that it it will do something that will amaze you for years to come. It will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY every time.

It does this eighty percent of the time. Yes seriously  it does that

I look at it and I. I am speechless. I'm like, wow every time I've been saying it for like eight nine years now ten years. 

Yet I can't get over it such a beautiful pattern. You have got to look at it. And this is what it is. WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT


 Immy  Yousafzai

Discover the Magic Pattern that Makes Money in the Market over and over and over again 
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The First Question: Podcast Episode #1 [What pattern to trade?]

Auto Transcript

Hello and welcome to my Sunday podcast. So today I'm going to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while. I have talked about it in some of my videos from time to time. But this is something that everyone asks about. They are confused about it, but the reality is we shouldn't be confused about this the way we are confused about it because it's very simple.

So the question is, why are people getting confused when it is very simple? That is because it's got two faces. It's like a coin.

So it's the same thing, but you can look at either side of it. So the face that we see is the common one, which everyone comes across.And the problem is that we have to switch our brain, the way we think about it. And only then we're able to see it. We need  to flip this coin and see the other side of it.

So, there are patterns in the market that we trade and we trade those patterns based on the belief that it will make us money. But what I've noticed is that everyone generalizes the idea. And they take the decision based on emotions, so they take emotional decisions, but fails to see the logic behind it.

Now, it's a great thing to have a pattern. But the ability for you to have the motivation to trade the pattern you have to understand the logic behind it as well. While the emotional reason for trading that pattern is to actually to get the emotional benefits from it. Which is "I want to trade this pattern because over the period of time it's gonna make me money."

The logical reason is that this. Pattern has a statistical advantage, which means that if you traded a hundred times then there's a higher probability that you will win more. i.e. The sum total of all your winning trades will be more than the total of all the losing trades. It does not mean that all 100 trades are gonna be winners.

What is the Win Rate of this method
It states that based on testing last 30 years of data and thousands of patterns. Identified. We have a certain advantage and to simplify it we have a 66% win rate where 33% is a loss rate. So in any 100 trades and if you trade 1%, you will lose 33% of your account.

Winning Trades: 
But 66% of the time you will win. And out of the 66% you will win about 40% of the time (i.e not to say 40% of 66% but rather 66%-40%) So 40% of your trades will be winners. Each trade will have a profit of 2%.

Breakeven Tradess: 
The rest of the 26% trades out of the 66% winners will be your breakeven trades. So, you will not lose money, but you won't make much money as well.

Losing Trades: 
So overall You will win 66% of trades on average. The system will lose 30 to 35% of trades.

So if you compare the highest percentage of losing trades in that hundred trades batch with the lowest range then you will probably make 15 to 20% profit. But if you had the best month with higher win rates and lowest loss rate, let's say you had 30% of losing trades. That will account to 30 percent loss based on 1% risk per trade.

So, if you had 40%  winners. Every winner will be 2% winner. So overall you will have 80% account growth. Less the 30% losses. You will be left with a total of 50% account growth. Who would want to trade a system like this?. I know I will.

It's going to be something like this, so let's suppose you traded or backtested a thousand trades. Then you went on and checked batches of 100 trades. You will find that some of the 100 trades batches will have 40 to 35 percent winners and others will have 40 - 45 percent.

So the average of the 100 trades gyrates within a range. So it's all different so when I say 66 percent, it means it's the average of all the 10 batches within the 1000 trades. Also t sometimes you even have 70 percent win rate or sometimes it would drop to about 60 percent win rate and that doesn't invalidate this.

The point is that you need to try to understand these probabilities.  Understanding these simple probabilities fulfills the logical side of the argument.

If you don't try to understand this. And only go by the emotional side of trading then  what happens is that when you go through the thing that we call a losing streak, then it becomes a bigger problem.

An emotional problem. You have bad emotions involved into it and you have to then take a decision based on your emotions, that's where you need your logical side to kick in to say look. If you are emotional you would be survive the phase if you have an equally stronger logical side.

What is a Losing Streak?
Those of you who don't understand losing streak: It simply means that for every given set of events, let's say a hundred or a thousand events, there will always a probability of a series of consecutive winners or losers. And it's not that hard to find out.

If you know the win rate of a system you can actually find out what is the probability of a five six seven or ten losing trades streak. Based on our analysis there is quite a high probability of having three winners or three three losers.

And  a lower probability of having five or six winners or losers in a row. As the number goes up the probability decreases.

So is it possible to have ten losers in a row? Yes, it is possible. However the probability of that is quite lower than twenty percent but that doesn't mean it won't happen. It can happen. But the opposite of it can also happen. The likelihood of 10 consecutive winners is actually higher.

Risk Management is Crucial:
And because we know that there is chance of this happening we must do everything in our powers to minimise the damage. Every system has a potential of doing some damage. The line that separates pros from amateurs is that the amteur trader does not prepare of this eventuality and ends up "dead in a ditch".

 Whereas the professional has prepared for this possible outcome. And that is the definition of Risk Management.

Important to understand:
is that if it's a possibility then you have to have something in your trade plan to protect against it.

So that means that if you lose ten trades in a row and risk per trade was one percent the account will be down ten percent.

But imagine this, suppose you just had a  batch of  100 trades. Your account went up fifty percent and then the next batch you had ten losing trades now you're down to 40 percent, but if you look at the overall thing, you're still up by 40 percent, so it doesn't really hurt you much. You are emotionally padded.

It only hurts when you were already down. Unfortunately there is a higher probability of this happening for beginners. Because in the beginning you probably would lose discipline far easily.

That is because of your emotional state.  Because you are not used to trading much. The more emotional you are the more prone to mistakes you are so there are two things happening. One you're getting highly emotionally charged and that's leading to the 2nd which is losing discipline. And that leads to increased likelihood of losing streaks.

The probability of you losing discipline  resulting into a losing streak is different from the system's own natural losing streaks. So the system can have its own natural win or loss streak without you losing discipline and this is the important thing that we talk about in our T20 challenge so more on this later and now.

I wish you all have a great rest of the Sunday our Sunday is gone and we are ready for probably the final week of trading this year see you later.