Happy Easter [The WAVE is Everywhere]

It's always good to take time off during these little breaks. Its best to completely go off charts and do something else.Its proven that it works wonders, no matter what field you're in. e.g. I might take a break and play football but those who play football for a living will take a break from football and do something else.

During the Trading Day: 
I usually finish trading session around 10 am and head to the gym. I usually make it between 10-11 am. I know it sounds like I'm not really working much going to gym in the morning. But that's not true. The type of work I do allows me to do it plus it helps me take that essential break away from charts. Its really important to go away from charts. And there is a reason behind it. Let me explain.

There is another reason why I hit the gym after  10 am is that it's the quietest time in the gym. (or so I thought). The gym has almost three times less number of people (or so I thought). So today I thought why not do some objective research.

So I was looking at my local gym's website and found average user count chart. I wanted to see if my usual gym time  really was what I think it was or "should be". Or does it have to do with crow mentality. Am I thinking like what "the majority" now thinks is quiet time. Which would make it NOT a Quiet Time. Everyone in the gym says to me, "I like the 10 am time, its very quiet most people are at work".

The Figures say otherwise. You see human perception is not accurate. I used to think gym is busiest around 6 pm. I was right about that. But wrong about how much busier it was compared to what I perceived as Quiet Time. The chart below shows that.

I was also wrong about 10 am in numbers as it's almost the same as 5 pm or 7 pm.
In fact its the PEAK of Wave 3.

Do you see the pattern. It appears that human activities usually create the so called Elliott Wave patterns everywhere. 

Is it by chance or something? 

I don't know. But looking at this chart it certainly seems that way. Lets dive in more and see what's going on.

Wave 1: 3am-5am [2-10 people]
All I see is wave 1 that starts around 3am, (its a 24hr gym) and it peaks around 6-7am.

Wave 2: 6am-7am [40-46 People]
Takes a dive down around 7am. Perhaps those who workout before work begin to leave getting ready.

Wave 3: 7am-10am [40-81 people]
and it starts to pick up sharply (wave 3 of 3) from 8am and peaks around 10am. (I thought 10 was the quietest time). In fact, there are 81 people in the gym around 9am and 10am.

Wave 4: 11am-3pm [51-76 people]
So most people have done  their workouts and now comes the late comers. the closer to lunch period is quite. the trend goes down. 11am, there are less people but still pretty high, 76 people still in the gym. But that's the start of wave 4. The Decline begins here. 3pm is the quietest time. (school run time nobody can workout now) lol

Wave 5: 4pm-7pm (peak at 6pm) [75-100 People]
This is now the busiest time of gym. But whenever I trained at 6pm, my perception was that there must have been 4 times more people compared to 10am. I was wrong. its only a 20% increase on 10am.

The Markets also move in this fashion. This is for some reason, how stuff happens in the universe. WAVES is the Structure of the Universe. (Not Elliott Wave but WAVES). The Crowd behaves, mostly, within the "mean" of the bell curve.

I am having a day off and will return to charts Monday evening / Tuesday Morning. 

Happy Easter Everyone 

The DAX Report 16 April 2019 [Know Yourself]

The Morning Session:

It was the usual boring start that is the norm these days on the DAX m5 or M1 chart. Markets just aren't as bombastic as they used to be. But that can change anytime so no worries there.

The Buyers Kicked-In

All of a sudden there were strong buyers in the market. Price shot up. That was my cue. I wait for these volatility spikes. Something that moves the market and shows momentum.

Once that is done all I need to do is wait for AIMS Setup for Entries.

I posted this picture in the chatroom. I'm never sure about a trade. Because if you think about "making sure" you take the right setups to enhance your chances of making money consistently, you do feel uncertain. I think this feeling of uncertainty is the human default position.

The B Trap Setup after a strong move up is a good bet

Trae Management Discipline is KEY:

Now having taken this setup , it was important to stick to the rules. You had to say, ok if it goes up its fine, I'll let it run as much as possible but if it comes down I won't touch it and let it hit stop loss. If you don't do this, you will kill many of your good winning trades.

Know Yourself 

Well, it was not easy for me either. You have to know how to manage the things that make you make mistakes. With experience and keeping a record you begin to understand your own behavioural patterns. I am very impulsive. But I KNOW about it.

So, I engaged myself with the Chatroom where Tomi was sharing his pictures of France from the year 2000. That helped me take my focus away from the screen so that the chart can do its thing. Mind you if it wasn't for @snorms of FOR-EXe.com ATM (advanced trade manager) scrip, that you see on the chart, i won't be able to take my eyes off the chart. AUTOMATION is powerful. 

End Result 20 Points at the risk of 7. 

60 Pips on GBPAUD - The Pound against Aussie Dollar

I saw that the Aussie dollar was mostly gaining and the Pound was shedding pounds. Nothing is certain when it comes to the direction of Sterling against anything under the looming threat of #BREXIT Uncertainty.

Anyway, in my search I found an AIMS Hunt Sell Signal on the Hourly time frame. It was easy for me to take it on M15 because I saw the following picture. This is the Setup 1 Sell Signal. I quickly set PO after taking the picture and sharing it our AIMS Live Trading Room.

GBP/AUD Sell Signal The Amazing Setup 1 

You can see a clear 3 and sideways 4. The Red dot, purple is on the correct side. Wave 5 here we come.

Below you see a HUNT Seed/Cherry  Signal. This is GBP/AUD on the H1 chart. My general scan usually starts at the D1 chart but during the day I only scan the H1 charts. When I see a HUNT signal I then decide whether I should take it on H1 or drop to the M15 chart. This time, the M15 chart looked like a perfect Setup 1. And since Setup 1 is my favourite trading pattern, I took it on M15 and Set Target Point accordingly.

The following picture shows when 1R was hit and SL was moved to Break Even (entry price level). This was achieved by using @snorms ATM Trade Management Software. Link www.For-EXE.com [Highly Recommended]

The Take Profit level is not a random level. It is a measured level and we have learned a simple way to accurately set your target point. It's called the Target Zone 1. More on this inside the Forum.

Today we picked the level pretty accurately, shown below.

Below I will now show how price bounced off as soon as the take profit level was hit and trade was closed. This was not a lucky exit. It was Calculated

I hope you've enjoyed my recent posts and found value in it. If you would like to learn more about our method or would like to trade with us consider joining our Live Trading Room for only $99.

Have a Great Weekend