Friday, 6 December 2019

Secret Trading Method Never Shared Before [NFP NEWS Live Trade]

Secret Trading Method Never Shared Before [NFP NEWS Live Trade]

NFP is the biggest News Event that happens every first friday of the month. 
On this day a report is released in the US about employment change. 

Now you might think I'm gonna talk about fundamentals etc. Nope, I don't care what is the report figure, whether its good or bad. Don't care.

If I came across rude to you in the comment above please don't get upset. I'm Sorry but I don't mean to be rude or  disrespectful about the actual report. I'm simply saying that it does not matter to me (or to you) in terms of what I'm going to show you in this video. 

All we need to know is what you will see in this video. 

I have used an expert advisor coded by our good friend Steve in the past and we did well. But now I simply use this method. Manually. I love it. 

The above chart shows the year 2016. Now that is the Worst results for this method. That is why I'm showing it to you. I don't like to show unbelievable stats. 

note that its the result of simply trading 1-2 times a month. Yes, Once on NFP day and once on FOMC. Some GBP news were traded as well. 

So, I'm giving you this Strategy. Actually I'm giving you a strategy that I use after I stopped using Snroms EA. So WATCH IT OR MISSOUT... 

Link for YouTube Premier: CLICK NOW



Thursday, 5 December 2019

6 Percent in 6 Minutes - How Trading can be so simple

This really was a beautiful morning. I enjoyed an early morning walk and a beautiful dawn.
The day started with a lovely LOBOT trade, followed by my discretionary pullback trade and then an AWESOME SEED Signal that made 4%.

Then I stepped away only to come back later. Had a quick look and found out that market had completed a 1-5 wave down.

It then created a strong wave 3 up. So I thought, hmmm, could we get a setup 1 here? And we did.

Ganesh was a bit confused about this trade. So he asked, "Immy, I thought we were not supposed to trade when M5 gator was sleeping". This then is the answer to that lovely question. This is how I trade and teach my team mates. :)

In This Video:

1. Live Trade Setup 1 6% in 6 Minutes
2. The Lobot trades
3. Why was this a Higher probability trade?
4. How to be a GREAT Singer.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

How Do Thoughts and Emotions Affects a Traders Health and Investment

It's important to recognize our ideas and also feelings and be aware of the result they have-- not only on each various other, yet also on our bodies, actions, and also connections.

Our "negativity bias" means that we invest excessive time ruminating over the minor stress we experience-- poor web traffic or an argument with a liked one-- as well as overlook the several possibilities we have to experience wonder, awe, and also appreciation throughout the day.

Overcoming our negative thoughts bias.

Because we are wired to resist risk and loss in life, we have a tendency to prioritize poor over great. While this is a neat survival device for somebody who requires to remain active vigilant in a hazardous setting, the truth is that for the majority of us, this "negativity prejudice" is counter-productive.

In order to counter this negativeness predisposition and also experience an unified emotion, Fredrickson proposes that we need to experience 3 positive emotions for each adverse one. This, she claims, can be done deliberately for those of us less "wired" to positivity. These favorable feelings essentially reverse the physical results of negativeness and build up emotional resources that add to a flourishing life.

Negative attitudes as well as sensations of helplessness as well as pessimism can create chronic anxiety, which troubles the body's hormonal agent equilibrium, depletes the mind chemicals needed for happiness, and harms the immune system. Persistent stress can actually lower our life-span. (Scientific research has actually currently recognized that anxiety reduces our telomeres, the "end caps" of our DNA hairs, which creates us to age quicker.).

Your thoughts and also feelings can affect your wellness Feelings that are openly experienced as well as expressed without judgment or accessory have a tendency to move fluidly without affecting our health. On the various other hand, quelched emotions (especially fearful or unfavorable ones) can zap psychological energy, adversely influence the body, and result in illness.

Poorly-managed adverse emotions are bad for your health and wellness.

Inadequately taken care of or quelched anger (hostility) is additionally related to a variety of health conditions, such as high blood pressure (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, digestive system problems, as well as infection.

The function of forgiveness.

Mercy means totally accepting that an unfavorable occasion has taken place as well as relinquishing our negative feelings bordering the condition. Study reveals that mercy helps us experience far better mental, psychological as well as physical wellness. And also it can be discovered, as demonstrated by the Stanford Mercy Project, which educated 260 adults in forgiveness in a 6-week program.

  • 70% reported a reduction in their sensations of hurt.
  • 13% experienced lowered temper.
  • 27% seasoned fewer physical grievances (for example, pain, stomach upset, lightheadedness, etc.).

The method of forgiveness has also been connected to far better immune function and a longer life-span. Other researches have shown that forgiveness has more than simply a metaphorical effect on the heart: it can actually reduce our high blood pressure and enhance cardiovascular wellness as well.

Emotional strength resembles an elastic band-- despite just how much a durable person is extended or pulled by adverse emotions, he or she has the capability to recuperate to his/her initial state.

Durable individuals have the ability to experience hard feelings like discomfort, grief, aggravation, and also pain without falling apart.

Strong individuals do not refute the pain or suffering they are experiencing; rather, they maintain a sense of positivity that helps them get rid of the unfavorable impacts of their scenario. In fact, some individuals have the ability to check out tough times with positive outlook as well as hope, knowing that their difficulties will certainly bring about personal development and also an expanded overview on life.

Favorable emotions cause emotional resilience.

Positive emotions have a clinical objective-- to help the body recoup from the sick results of consistent negative emotions. Hence cultivating positivity in time can assist us become a lot more resilient when faced with crisis or stress.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Episode 4: The BEST Trading Day of 2019 - The London Report with Immy


Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Weekend. Maybe you bought a few things during the Black Friday Deals? or maybe one you were one of the lucky ones who got themselves a 50% discount on AIMS premium Members? Oh well, if not, you definitely missed  a chance.

So, today turns out to be the BEST TRADING DAY of this year. I can happily call it a Year. I can happily say, that's it, no more trading this month. This is the end of this year. Because today started with a 200% ROI trade, that was immediately followed by a 400% ROI trade. That means a 2% Profit and 4% profit on 2 trades.

Although usually that's the end of it. Today was not the case. Immediately after the up run, market decided to crash down. That was my cue to get ready for a Hunt signal. BEfore I knew it, there was the HUNT Pattern right in my face.

I took the trade. and BOOM ... another cool Effortless, Stress Free 2%. Remember this trade was completely risk free. Even if I lost 2% on this trade, I'd still be left with 4% profit. So I was sitting at 8% profit.

I decided it was time to make the Daily London Report Video. I did that, and had quick lunch.

And before I knew it, something else was cooking. My little nephew kept saying, "dax seems to be tanking" without any signs of stopping.

That gave me another excuse to have a look. And I remembered something.

The lifelong lesson that goes against the ordinary trader's mindset.

Normal traders are aggressive traders when the market is sideways and leave the screen when market moves.

I knew the chance was there. Selling indices is VERY Easy. You're dealing with LACK of buying. and lack of something requires a LOT of power to fill. that is why Markets crash far more easily than climb.

So here is the Video of the session.

It has been a smashing day on Dax Today. And you will learn a few things in this session. I hope you like Today's Video some interesting stuff I talked about... Me thinks


  1. Erics Question about Whether its a good idea to trade the Nikkei 225 or Japan 225 index.
  2. Was it a good setup 1 this morning? and
  3. How to use the Hunt Pattern to your advantage and 
  4. How I was able to Get 800% ROI Today...


Immy Yousafzai

Welcome to Immy's Daily London Open Report Episode #1

Welcome to Immy's Daily London Open Report Episode #1

Hi,  This is Immy from iTradeAIMS. But I'm guessing you already know that right?

I'm excited and welcome you to my Daily London Report. I used to do this in the past for members only but now It's going to be for everyone.

What is the London Report
So, I have decided to start sending out a daily report of the London Session. In these videos I'll talk about the DAX and The FX charts as well. I will go over the charts and discuss and analyse what happened and what's about to happen.

As you might know we trade The DAX30 during the first two hours of london session.

and What is DAX?
The DAX 30 Stock Market Index (full name the Deutscher Aktien IndeX, which means German Stock Index) consists of 30 large, blue-chip German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Just like the FTSE 100 and S&P500 it is a capitalization-weighted index so it essentially measures the performance of the 30 largest, publicly traded companies in Germany.

It surely is a stronger indication of the strength of the German Economy and investor sentiment towards the German Equities market.
However for us, we don't care about the sentiment etc. What we care about is that it moves. And YOU can make a $500 daily killing on it (when it moves).

And oh Yes, it's not a forex pair but the way it moves, makes it perfect instrument for Setup 1 on the M1 Chart. That is because  its highly volatile, most of the days.

So, I'm going to be sending out these videos, hopefully, on a daily basis and hope you like it and watch it. And please don't forget to comment and hit the like button.


Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment and like. Let me know if you'd like me to talk about something. I'll try to include it in the next video.