A Weird h1 Trade but Loved it - added an m1 (w5) trade later.

I knew H4 was range bound and price goes up and down when it does that. so my target was close to lower aims levels on H4 where I could also see a support zone to the left.

Later while speaking to a group it all unfolded. We did an m1 trade while my h1 hit its tp.

Thank you God for this beautiful trade. Thank you for the beautiful 2.5hr conversation with my friends. I loved it.


Immy Yousafzai said...

I love this blog stuff. I can see had I been putting all my stuff here I would be able to check it month by month... nice. Thank you God for directing me here.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more Imran. I miss your journal at BD !!

Immy Yousafzai said...

I'm here now! Thanks