Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Blog is Back

I had no idea that quite a few people wanted access to the blog. I received quite a few requests so I've decided to make the blog available to everyone again. Thanks for making me feel special. And please accept my apologies for taking it off without prior notice. cheers


Anonymous said...

Hi Imran,

Thanks for making the blog public again - I have been biting my nails while waiting for a reply to my request for access to your locked blog.
I know you have helped me immensely with my trading and I am sure that there are a number of 'BD Aimigos' who have also benefited from following your journey to trading success.

Thanks again.


John said...

Imran, you have no idea how important you and AIMS is in my life and the lives of so many others.

Thanks for making it public again.

grant18265 said...

Welcome Back Imran,

many pips to you


Rob said...

Thank You for continuing to keep your records and thoughts open. I have been a long time Williams student and come and go from the method. Your blog gives me just enough to stick with it and find my way, slow and stead but it's still progress by measure. Nice to see others think the same and appreciate your work. Happy pips.

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