Trading is 90% Mental

Hi perhaps a quick Sunday Service! LOL

Just a simple question how much do you agree with this statement

Trading is 90% Mental?

If you are like me, and you believe in the above statement, how much effort and energy do you think you should invest in Entry, Exit and Money Management side of trading? should it be 50% , 100% or less than 10%? 
Think about it! 

Then tell me, have you ever asked yourself, 
Hmmm, so How do I work on my "Mind"? Did it ever cross you? 
Have you ever come across a Blog, a Website a "Guru" who talk about 
what I have just created

"Mental Setup"? 

Here we are with 
1. Entry Setup
2. Exit Setup
3. Money Setup
and now
4. Mind Setup. or (Mental Setup)

Did it ever occur to you, what mental setup should we have?
How many "Indicators" do we have, if any, in order for us to identify whether we have the correct "mental Setup" when we trade? 

think....... (this post is straight out of the box no editing)  

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