AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup

I am very pleased to announce that we have completed a new version of AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy . AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup

I love the new look, feel and style of the book.

You may find the book more comprehensive, coherent and complete.
Here are some key points of the new book, AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup

  • AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy explained in further depth. 
  • AIMS Indicators and how to use them followed by
  • The Setup - What is the setup and how to recognize it, 
  • The Three Rules - How to use the indicators to create the setup using the Three Simple Rules
  • Money Management - A whole section dedicated to this very important aspect of trading. 
  • A special technique for increasing Return on Investment.
If you have not joined the AIMSters Community Now is the time 

Thanks to:
Steve , Grant , John , Jim  and the rest of the AIMSters.

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1. AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup eBook
2. AIMS Stress Free Trading - Indicators
3. Support via forum.
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