Tuesday, 3 January 2012

AIMS Even-More-Stress-Free "New Trading Dimensions"

I was out with friends and as soon as I returned home I paid visit to my pc and I saw a Blue Dot. I began asking the questions. The answers were ALL yes. It was then time to excercise the Power of Now. The most powerful moment in the universe. Set a pending according to the system. SYSTEM? Is AIMS Stress Free Trading now a 'System'? YES. Its a system. We have finally turned a system based on the Science of Chaos in to a "Chaos Trading SYSTEM". Objective analysis is built into the new Indicators. What? New Indicators? YES, best version of AIMS Stress Free Trading - New Dimensions have come into Existence. it is the work of 2 GREAT individuals. Coming soon! The first trade of this year has been a thing of beauty!

Note: The New Indicators is NOT an Upgrade. However there is one good news. AIMS Boxes has a great much anticipated upgrade. AIMS Boxes upgrade will be made available to existing members of www.AIMSForum.com plus new members.

AIMS Boxes Upgrade: What's Changed:
1. The Shaded Zone remains the same at all zoom levels.
2. The Shaded area is printed at the end of a confirmed AIMS Level. No more what they call "Repaints".
3. Another Amazing Feature  - not to be discussed here (hint: if an AIMS level is not supposed to be traded based on our trading rules, it will not be printed, How? You'll find out soon enough. 

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