Thursday, 26 April 2012

How to Make 48pips during London Session Today

How to make 48 pips trading EUR/USD during London Session Only?

I Took Several Trades and Add-ons on EUR/USD today. Here are 4 trades which I Liked and traded.
I'm not showing the add-on trades here. It was possible to make over 100 pips with add-ons. But Adding on is our Advanced Strategy which any one can learn but requires a bit of experience.

EUR/USD +17 + 10 +10 +11  = 48 pips 
(Now it could be 3 % or 4.8% or 2.4% Account Growth depending on your Risk and Money Management Plan) 

What is Ideal Risk and Money Management Plan?
AIMS Stress Free Trading - The Setup eBook has a Chapter Dedicated to this.

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