Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Euro Dollar 46 pips - AIMS Entry Alert V6

I read this and wanted to share it. Very Useful Information. 

"When trading gets boring, a trader must persevere. When inevitable
losses occur, a trader must stick to his commitment. When the temptation is great to break your rules, a trader must have the integrity to hold fast to his trading rules and to his word to himself and others. He must respect the foundation in market study and research that helped him to get where he is. At the same time, he must be flexible in order to deal with the inevitable changes that will be encountered. He must be willing to continue to refine his system to make it the best it can be. And finally, he must be disciplined enough to keep his business afloat every day, which means that he has to attend to his physical and emotional well-being and do the things that are hard, but necessary for continued success. Tradersworld.com"

Today on EUR/USD A Fine Day all around.

There was half a dozen setups on H1. Too Aussie for 60 pips. Gold was also a great setup which I missed but Adem took it for nearly 500pips or (50points) Kiwi was a setup and so was EU and EJ. Here is M1 Eu

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