Thursday, 21 June 2012

Super Dooper Bumper Day on Euro Dollar Today

You'd look at your M5 charts and see, Arrow on GBP/USD, Arrow on EUR/USD, No Arrow on AUD/USD, and no Arrow on EUR/JPY so what do you do? You  take the Setups with Arrow and you dont take where there is no arrow simple! Could be simpler than this?

Here are some examples of exquisite Setups using AIMS Entry Alert V6


We have a technique, which is a bit advanced but once you get the hang of it, on the follwoing signal you could have made 319 Pips! Yes Three Hundred and Nineteen Pips on just one pair. Is it possible? Yes it is possible.



I have so many examples but I'll just show you one more... To make your curious! Alot is happening inside AIMS Forum. You will never find out if you never join! So JOIN NOW - Before its too late!

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