Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Seed - Lets Grow a Money Tree

The Seed
A Forex  Trading Success Strategy

Lets Grow a Money Tree
The Seed

Imagine, you found a seed that can grow into a huge tree. Visualise it now. See it through your mind's eye. Can you see the sparkling green leaves? Can you see that it bears golden apples. A Tree that grows apple made of gold and leaves made of dollars. 

We are using a very successful strategy we call The Seed. 

> What about 10-15pips Stop Loss and 100-300 pips gains? 
> What about 1% Risk and 10% account Growth?
> What about the ability to Add on to trades and let them run for Days resulting in huge winners?
> What about trading only 8 minutes per day yet 40-50% growth per month?

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