eWaves and NFP - Magic Happens with eWaves


You know we have an extra indicator based on #AIMS Wave and the concept of #ElliottWave. We have an eBook, available to our Premium Members called 10 Seconds to Elliott Wave. #10sElliottWave. This
concept has changed our trading forever and its something we cherish the most. It makes our job a lot easier.

Steve of www.For-Exe.com went on and created an indicator which we call Snorms eWave. That as you may know, has cut our work further down. So now we call it 1 Second to Elliott Wave. As all you have to do is have a glance at the eWave histogram and you'd know which wave you're looking at and what to expect next. Steve made a lovely post the other day, prior to #NFP and I only wish I had looked at it in time, so that I could have added it to my previous post. But hey, its never too late. Please following this link and have a look http://www.for-exe.com/2/post/2013/10/ewaves-and-nfp.html

ps: Steve is kindly giving 25% discount to #AIMSPremium Members... go get em buddies!

eWaves still amazes me on a daily basis... simply fantastic "leading" indicator. 
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