Friday, 28 March 2014

6 Percent Growth Dollar Yen #USDJPY

Here is a post from my journal ealier inside our Member's Only Forum. 

Today was a good day on EU M1 but I did not really catch the small moves but did pay rent here and there. an overall negative day on EU M1. 

But meanwhile I was playing UJ since last night on H1. 

I Went short Last night, held on all night, market did not break down, instead reversed and broke above, Sam commented "nice break on UJ". I already had a Long PO by then, exactly at the SL level of the short trade. It closed the short for 1% loss and long trage was triggered with 25 pips SL. Later there was a beautiful SEED trade. I took with 1% risk based on only 9pips. Closed both entries on a Fruit signal banking a total of 6% Minue 1% then plus 2 and plus 5. A great friday. 


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