Sunday, 7 December 2014

Stop Worrying and Start Trading

This song has a great message for all the traders!

Let it go.  :)  Let to go of what?
Worrying, Fear, Greed, The need to be Right? Yes, Yes, Yes ...

There is a state of mind that we call "the zone". It is the state of mind that is called the state of "Knowing without knowing how you know". You don't know why or how you know but you just know. You're totally in tune with the market and enjoy trading. That's when you're in the zone, in the flow, in the now moment of opportunity.

Wouldn't it be nice to get into that zone at will? Oh Yes, it will be nice, I say. 

In order to get into the zone, a trader has to let go of the need to make money. You have to allow the market do its thing. Let  go of the need to win all the time. Let go of this constant egoistic hunger of being "Right" all the time.

You might be thinking and asking wait, "aren't those all the things I want in my trading, to be right more than wrong, to win and not lose?". Well my friend, while trading is a simple activity the rules of this world, the trading world, are slightly different. Did I say slightly, let me correct myself. The rules of trading and rules of general life are quite different.

It is is because "Trading is a Pattern Recognition Numbers Game". Its a game of having a Statistical Edge in the market. A trader understands that "there is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that defines an edge" So stop worrying and start enjoying trading . If you'd like to know how to get into the "Zone", the correct state of mind for trading you will love our The Mind Section inside The Premium section of AIMS Forum. (Available to Premium Members)

Update Jan 2015: Now you can purchase our Trading Psychology Book "Activating The Zone" Click Here

And when you're in a trade ... Just Let it Be.... Let it Be

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