Friday, 6 February 2015

NFP Trading - 100 Pips on USD/JPY

More than 100+ Pips on NFP Day

Today was a Good NFP Day. We traded the Dollar Yen (USD/JPY) using our Favourite Strategy for trading news events. It went really well.

Skype Live Trading Room Session:

We called a nice trade on our Favourite M1 Chart Dax30. It was a trend reversal entry.
Some lovely campaigns on Dax30. Using the Fruit Strategy.
Resulted in  +9 + 12 + 23  = 44 pips. 

Also took a quick Fruity trade on Kiwi thanks to  AIMS Member Hill in the Skype Live Trading Room. He caught some good pips at post NFP Spike pullback. I went on and took a trade using fruit in the direction of the NFP Spike. 

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