How to Catch WINNERS Easily

The Correct title should have been , "How to catch higher probability setups". But I've noticed the general public don't give a damn about "higher probabilities" because they don't understand trading. Everyone just focuses on the Dollar amount. "How to Make $500 dollars Daily?". yeah, that's better. or is it?

Anyway, below, I share with you a trade that we call the The Setup 1. AIMS Favourite Trading Setup 1. This picture has enough to teach a simple trader make simple trade and make $500 dollars 2-3 times a week.

How to Make Earlier Entries with Smaller Stop Losses?

Below I share the same image to show why we have an earlier entry (before the box break). How one can take a trade with a bigger lot size , smaller stop loss but still not exceed maximum risk per trade.? 

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