How to Make 350% out of your Investment

We have a secret method of recognising that a setup might occur 10-12 hrs in advance.
This method allows me to organise my day accordingly. I don't have to be on the screen all day. I'm usually working on developing my other businesses these days because this trading business is just a steady income stream. IF you're working, or don't have extra time, this will work for you too.

You don't have to be a genius to figure this out. Specially because we  have already figured it out for you and all you will have to do is log in and check the chart scan tab in your dashboard.

Anyway, so AUD/USD and NZD/USD both presented nice Setup 1/2 opportunities. I took the trades and had alerted the group well in advance. Some of the members did catch the trades as well.

How I Caught 3.5% Profit on AUDUSD

AUD/USD made 3.5 Times the initial Risk/Investment. NZD/USD made 2 times the initial risk. Pictures below.

AUD/USD 3.5 times the original investment
NZD/USD $2 for a $1 

Forex Trading with Cherry Signal - Secret Remedy

I won't take much of your time. Time is precious we all know that. So here we go.

AIMS The Hunt Strategy has a signal , an Entry Signal  Called The CHERRY.

The cherry signal or AIMS The Hunt method is a Higher Probability System.

What is Probability? 

According to Wikipedia, 
"Probability is a measure quantifying the likelihood that events will occur"
 AIMS The Cherry Signal or AIMS The Hunt System is a "Higher Probability System".
This method, now tested by dozens of AIMSters, has a proven 66% win rate. You can test it too. Either Live trade (forward test it) using 20-50 trades or backtest it.

Current Example AIMS The Hunt - Cherry Signal

Lets take a look at today's chart of Pound vs Yen. The "Dragon" or Geppy. If you'd like to know how to catch winners easily check out my blog post. 

Here is The Hourly Time Frame Chart. 
What you'd see is a yellow circle, that is the Cherry Symbol. It has a specific proprietary algorithm behind it that checks a number of rules. Once those rules have been satisfied, that is the Algorithm applied, it shows this "high probability signal". 

It was a great signal worth 4% Gain. 

What's interesting is that due to "AIMS Fractal Geometric Symmetry"  concept, the 4 times lower time frame, i.e. M15 chart has a lovely Setup 1 signal. 

Below GBP/JPY M15 Chart. Showing a Class 1 Setup 1. Great Trade. 

#Gold Entry $1330 Profit Running at Current Price $1430 ($100 Profit)