Sunday, 3 November 2019

Lets explore the 2nd problem now

... So a few days ago I promised I'll tell you the second problem...

But I was too busy with trading and other life issues... so I apologise ... 

So, let's explore the 2nd problem...

... so, tell me this, while you are trading your current system...

...Are you losing trades after trades? 

...Is it hard to catch winning trades?

...Do you often break your rules? 

...Is it a struggle to stay disciplined at all times?

...Does Your method rely on taking more than 2% risk per trade?

... When your trade is losing you wait and hope for it to turn around?

... When your trade is winning, are you scared it might turn around, give all the profits back or worse become a loser?

... When you see a signal you hesitate but when you miss it you always think you should have taken the trade? 

check back tomorrow to find out the answer.... 

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