Wednesday, 6 November 2019

What do I tell them...

Most traders trade Rubbish Systems or they don't even have a system. 

In fact I saw a person trading on his mobile and showing off how good he was. The reality, which was soon evident to him after a series of losses is that all he was doing was randomly buying and selling. That is a recipe for disaster. Don't do that...

See, that's another reason so many traders  struggle with making pips and keeping profits. 

They're trying to grow their accounts, they're trying to trade good signals, and they're trying to make more money. 

and when they ask me why they're having trouble, I tell them, 

Your Forex System SUCKS!
So, that's the second problem.  Forex traders have rubbish, untestedunreliable systems

and most  DO NOT have a System that can...

Would you like to know why there system sucks? 
Why most forex trading systems lose money? 

Check back tomorrow to find out... hmmm, actually not tomorrow... check back on the 6th

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