Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Is there a Magic Pattern that makes money in the market over and over

Is there a Magic Pattern that Makes Money Consistently? 

I was not feeling well today. Also feeling a bit of anxiety. No specific reason. It's just the weather here in the UK. It can be stressing for no apparent reason.

I all of a sudden thought I need to talk about this pattern, so I was looking at the Dow Jones the US 30 chart. And throughout the day. I've been monitoring it.

You do see a pattern that repeats itself on different dimensions different time frames and everything so if you're looking for a daily chart, it's there,  if you're looking for a weekly chart, it's there. So no matter what type of job you do or lifestyle you have or which time zone you live in, you can use this pattern.

You can trade using the time frame of the chart, that suits your lifestyle. And this pattern will appear there so let's suppose you only have 15-20 minutes a day, so the best time frame for you would be the daily chart.

And the if you can only spare half an hour to an hour once a week, then your time frame is the weekly timeframe.  And if you can actually trade on swing basis and you have a few hours here and there randomly then you can trade the four hour chart or the daily chart.

And for those of us who are lucky enough to have spare time throughout the day, especially people who are working from home or if they are self-employed or their jobs are in a way that they can actually stop and  trade. Then they can trade intraday and they will button in the pattern is it fascinates me?

Because it's been there and it's always available.

The pattern is really simple to identify. All you have to do is this.
1. Wait for the AO indicator which we have or the aims wave,  wait for it to create the highest or lowest peak within the lookback period of 100 candles/bars to the left.
2. After the peak, the market starts to lose momentum. The AIMS Wave bars start to go back nearer to the Centre Zero Line. So after the wait for it to come back to the zero line
3. Once it's there, you will see that the box will tighten the gator will steep inside.
4.  And then from there it will break out again in the direction of the previous peak.

And so every time it does that it it will do something that will amaze you for years to come. It will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY every time.

It does this eighty percent of the time. Yes seriously  it does that

I look at it and I. I am speechless. I'm like, wow every time I've been saying it for like eight nine years now ten years. 

Yet I can't get over it such a beautiful pattern. You have got to look at it. And this is what it is. WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT


 Immy  Yousafzai

WATCH VIDEO NOW: https://youtu.be/3MBFrxomsPM
Discover the Magic Pattern that Makes Money in the Market over and over and over again 
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