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Nov 2019

"The Online Chatroom is Full of Information. Immy is always there to Answer Questions"

Eris Says "The System is EASY to Understand "

"Immy will always be there for YOU!"

Michael from Austria 


Michale left review at forexpeacearm.com saying he doubled his account in 13 weeks

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I made 150 pips this morning on my live XM broker account, its becoming the norm now. I can put this down 100% to the AIMS Skype Room and Immy's tireless coaching
Its a bit like going to the office, I only look in about 1 -2 hrs a day
and thats all the trading I need to do. more than enough.There is
a great spirit and camaraderie amongst the guys including a few Master Traders who are also always happy to give advice.
I have tried every system and indicator known to man over the last few years - nothing worked consistently because of my trading flaws - I just couldn't see them. AIMS Skype room has helped me overcome these poor trading habits and the difference has been phenomenal! -


Michael King, Poland 26 March 2015 (Click Here to Read Full Reviews and Forex Peace Army Website) 

300 pips in 45minutes. This is a snapshot of his comment on the blogRick made 300 pips

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Ray has Trebled his Account within 5 Weeks

Just to tell you what you already know, this system is wonderful

...I've only been live with it for 5 weeks but in that time my account has soared. Not just 1 per cent a week, not just doubled it, I've more than trebled it.

My experience in FX goes back 3 years so far.

Originally I traded it manually, and I learned a lot of expensive lessons, because the indicators people said go with were lagging and useless except in long timeframes, eg MACD, Stochastics etc.

Then I read something about Heiken Ashi candles, and using that principle I had a period of approximately 2 and a half months where I traded it 5 days a week and turned approximately £250 into £10000 by just being incredibly focused and near the screen literally 24 hours a day M-F.

Robotos Don't Work
Then my buddies told me to leave it all to robots. I did. They pinched my profits. Apart from one, which had a good run about a year ago, then went cold, none of them are any good. Even those which are independently verified. They work fine on demo for some people, but not in live trading for me, when every millisecond counts, and where you definitely don't want brokers messing with the spreads.

So then I came back to manual trading... It worked in the main but there was one simple message missing which is a big part of Aims and makes all the difference.

I run another closed user group where a bunch of us serious traders share our thoughts, and one guy who is very methodical, and being a qualified commercial aeroplane pilot the most methodical of the lot, said he was impressed by a trading system. A bit of research and I came upon Aims. I was happy about the independent comments on Forex Peace Army which is where most of the systems get criticized. And then I found the site. 

I haven't looked back, and I enjoy every day with it. It pays for my membership again every day I trade it.

Many thanks

Keep at it!

aka Wiseambitions 5 Nov 2012

A Snapshots of Posts in www.AIMSForum.com

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Hello, Immy,
Well my first day in the room, 100 pips profit. Is this for real? Am I dreaming? I honestly don't know. As I been up for what seems like all week, I think that maybe this is some sort of Forex nirvana!! I have been trying to trade successfully for many years with the same result ....margin call. I remember reading Bill Williams book when it first came out, but not being able to put it all together. Yet yesterday I bought a pdf (AIMS-Ebook) for 100 bucks that has given me more hope than I have had in years!!!
Am I dreaming? As someone who has read most material on market behaviour I am aware of how the markets move in the way that R.N.Elliot described. But how to trade it properly? That was the question. So seeing the double bottom on the 5 min today I knew what to expect, an impulse wave, but will this 99 dollar simplistic software catch it? I seriously doubt it. Yet there it was impulse wave off the bottom then the alligator closed its mouth a blue dot appeared and the traders wet dream occurred, I caught wave 3!!!
Very clear no ambiguity just follow the rules. Immy I really don't know if you know what you have here, but there was a gentleman in the room that was gushing over what he saw trading 5 screens and all. I completely agree with his assessment, AIMS rocks. O.K. Its only been one day, and really I don't even know all the rules and nuances, but I am EXTREAMLY encouraged. I have a long way to go but thanks for the hope!!!

Have a great weekend,

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Grant's a veteran trader. He says,
I am a 3rd year forex trader and have been trading using the AIMS strategy since January 2011 and to say it has revolutionized my trading is a massive under statement.
I love the very very simple entry and exit rules which make perfect sense and at the same time leave very few pips on the table. I'm seriously impressed and would not hesitate in recommending this system to other traders.
Grant Hardiman, UK

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Erik Thinks AIMS is a simpler version of Trading Chaos.
"I am still a beginner in forex and i have been into chaos trading for few months only. Its amazing how Aims trading has caught the essence of Chaos Trading into a simple strategy to use ..."

Erik Also found the Blog very informative
"The blog is always rich of thoughts, charts and advice and "Immy" is always in good mood and prompt to help you and reply to your questions. A big thank you.
Erik from France"

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Kaye's traded many systems but found AIMS to be the best.
"I would just like to drop you a quick line and tell you how thrilled I am with your system... The rules are extremely easy to follow, .... .
And I find the entries on the break of Aims very easy , as they are very visual, plus they work 90% of the time......

I've traded a lot of systems
, this without a doubt, is the best
All anyone has to do to succeed with your system, is to stick with it until you have mastered it, it is really that simple....
cheers and keep up the good work...........
Kaye, Australia

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Chrisy has more than doubled their account.
A Quick note to say Thanks for helping me and my husband achieve great results with our trading.
We lost money for 2 years before my husband purchased your system.
We trade daily charts and have more than doubled our account. 
I have no hesitation recommending AIMS Stress Free Trading. 

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Edmund's tried all the indicators and got fed up, then he found this strategy

I've been playing Forex for 2 years. I tried thousands of types of indicators but nothing helped .

One day I came across the images from AIMS Blog, so neat and easy to understand. I visited AIMS Blog to understand the concept behind it.

The web site stated that its so simple to trade this strategy that you could do it within 10 seconds. And that the setup needed only 3 indicators. It was hard to believe

I bought it and tried.... and my first experience was

wow! The first day on the first trade I got +40 pips
I was so happy because normally I could get only 5 - 10 pips per trade .

Oh, I tell my wife , I found my holy grail !!! from that day on , my account keeps growing !!!!

I must say thanks to them for turning me into a successful trader using a simple system.

Edmund, Malaysia
Skype Messages
Babs says his life changed now that he is a winning trader

Terry says, "Trade the shit out of it"

Richard grabbed 120 pips on his first day of trading the system, Well Done!

Richard Testimonial, within 3 hours made 120 pip, robust support from provide

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