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Video Analysis Update (Live Trades)

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How to Use Dynamic Stop Losses to Minimise Risk

How to Trade the Dax 30 on a Choppy Day

Video Daily Chart Analysis 4th April 2017 [hourly time frame]

April 2017 - EUR/JPY USD/JPY Live Trades

Sunday Analysis 5 Feb 2017 part 2 from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.

Sunday Analysis 5 Feb 2017 part 2 from AIMS Stress Free Trading on Vimeo.

Hunt Signals Sep 2016 Swissy and Ucad again from Immy AIMS on Vimeo.

Introduction to AIMS Forum Video [OCT 2016] 

A Taster Video
How to Trade AIMS Stress Free Trading System

Tutorial Videos Cover 1. How to trade Stress Free and Remain Consistently Profitable 2. How to Setup your computer 3. How to Install Templates and Indicators 4. How to Read AIMS Boxes 5. How to Read and Trade AIMS Indicators 6. How to Trade the Dots, Create the Setup and Trade it 7. How to do Effective Money Management, Position Sizing and Risk Control 8. How to Enter and Exit a Trade 9. How to Install, Modify and Use VE AIMS (Trade Mangement EA) 10. How to Count Elliott Waves in 10 Seconds Using AO and More 
How to Trade Setup 1 

Snapshot of Video Section inside 
Many More Videos Now Available to Members of AIMS Forum 

Let me Fix Your Mental Pathways - How to Trade Setup 1

Today I had an intervention type of mentoring session with one of the members of our Discord Group.  I wanted to explain something over the ...